Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




the other day, while on a walk with the wonderful Allison, she brought up an interesting question: what should she do for her Birthday Commitment.  hm.  Birthday Commitment?  i dunno what that is, but it sounds interesting.

each year, for her birthday, Allison finds something that she wants to do for herself.  be it a challenge, or learning something new, or doing something that she’s always wanted to do.

this sounds really interesting indeed.

so this got me to thinking…with July 27th just around the corner, what would i do for my Birthday Commitment?  what is something that i’ve wanted to do for myself that i’ve never made the time for?  after about 5 minutes of thinking, i knew the answer:

Hot Yoga.

i used to go a couple of times a week years & years ago.  and i loved it.  it was such a good workout, detox, & mental health break.  this would be perfect!  on soooo many levels!  i logged some time on the interwebs & found a place that does hot yoga…added bonus, it was right down the street from my house!  yes!  this is the PERFECT idea!!

my plan was to check the place out on my day off, and if i liked it then i would get one of the packages that they offer.  i borrowed a yoga mat  & hand towel.  and at 8am, i pealed myself out of bed & threw on some clothes to head up to the studio.  i pulled into the parking lot & surveyed my surroundings.

and i froze.  standing outside the door chatting were 3 girls.  i say girls, because they were clearly younger than me (and since when did i start noticing people’s age?)  they were tall.  they were slender.  they had awesome yoga outfits paired with elaborate bags specifically designed for their yoga mats.  they probably have been going to 5 classes a week for the past 3 years.

i looked down at myself.

i am short.  i am not slender.  my outfit was clearly not made specifically for yoga.  there wasn’t an “om” logo anywhere in sight and the material was far from organic.  i had an assortment of borrowed items.  and i haven’t taken a class in 7 years.  panic.  pure panic.

see? i don’t have a yoga bag…i have everything just thrown down on my passenger floorboard.

i whipped my car out of the parking lot.  what the hell was i thinking?  how could i pretend that i have enough gusto to just waltz into the great yoga unknown all by myself & find inner peace and a rewarding workout?  seriously?? 

i was instantly transported back to the 5th grade, when i started a new school.  i remember showing up to the 1st day of class in my knee-length, hand-me-down plaid skirt and my all-white sneakers, all excited to meet new people.  i walked into the hallway and there was a group of girls gathered together by the lockers.  they had doc martens.  their skirts were rolled up to show off the bottoms of their colorful boxer shorts.  while my mom said i looked “cute” before i went to school, their older sisters said that they looked “bitchin”.   i was mortified.  the second i got back from school i cried & begged my mom to take me shoe shopping.

compared to them, i looked like the egg carton dinosaur i made in 3rd grade art class. 

and here i was, almost 29 years old.  and i felt like an egg carton dinosaur next to these yoga goddesses.  ugh.

about halfway back to my house, once i got my heart rate to slow down & my face wasn’t quite the shade of a tomato, i realized: i am being so dumb.  who gives a crap about what i’m wearing or how skilled i am at yoga?  i’m going there to learn.  i’m going there to improve myself.  i’m going there to do something for me…and i have to start somewhere.  i couldn’t make this class (it had already started, & i couldn’t walk in late).  but there’s a class on sunday afternoon and i would be there.  motley yoga gear and all.

sunday i will ignore all of my dumb insecurities and remember that it’s not about having the coolest outfit or perfectly mastering the different poses.  i have to have a beginning point, even if it’s as an egg carton dinosaur doing Downward Facing Dog.




kids, i’m not gonna lie.  i’m really tired today.  i’m not as young as i used to be. staying up until 2am only to wake up at 7:30am & be ready to rock and roll for work is just not possible anymore.

yes.  i stayed up until 2am on a monday night.  and was it because i was out partying like a rock star?  perhaps i was out gallavanting with the oklahoma city social elite at a place that is so cool & so hip you’ve never even heard of it before?

i wish this was true, but it’s not.  sorry guys, no inside line to the hippest places in OKC on this blog tonight.  nope, i stayed up in true nerdy fashion…being so caught up in a book that i blasted past the decent bedtime, all while wearing my super unflattering bathrobe from a million years ago.  the one that looks a leetle bit like this…

yep. not gonna win any fashion awards for this old lady robe. just one step away from the one my great-grandmother wears.

i dunno if you’ve guessed it or not, but i’m kiiiiind of a nerd.  i read every single night for at least an hour.  i have to.  it’s the only way to get my brain to stop listing all of the things that i have to do or should be doing (and sometimes listing random things that are just ridiculous, like: if Bix could pick a name, which one would he choose?).  so i read.  a lot.

and i would like to pretend that they’re smart kid books (and sometimes they are!  i promise!  it’s, just, ya know, been a while since i’ve read a smarty pants book).  but mostly they’re not.  mostly it’s a fantastical fiction, a mystery, and the occasional roooomance novel…ooooooo. for the most part, i just like something that is a bit whimsical so that i can kick back, relax, and flex my imagination.

which is great and good and super neat.  and i’m trying to get to the point.  the first point is this: after i finish a book, i always get a little sad.  i’m sad that i have to say goodbye to all of the characters i’ve met.  i’m sad that at the turn of the last page i have to say goodbye to the world that the author let me step into & create.  ugh.  i’m getting a little sad right now.  so at the turn of the last page, i have to immediately start a new book.  right.  away.  even if i only read a page.  it helps keep me from tearing up and being truly pathetic.

here is the second point:  the sequel to the book i finished isn’t out until july 10th.  which isn’t far off in reality, but is light years away from me being able to whip right into it & ward off the embarrassing weepies.

and here is the third and final point:  i don’t have another book on my list of “to reads”.  i don’t have a distraction from my literary goodbye.  and i’m waiting for not 1, not 2, but 3 books to come out from the various authors i read.

internet world, i need your help.  what books do you recommend?  what’s on your “favorite” list or your “to read” list?  what should i read next?!?!?!

the end.

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i’ve said it before, & i’ll say it again: i love mix tapes.

you can define a day, a trip, a mood.  i love making mixes for others.  i’ve spent many, many hours pouring over the order of songs.  because they have to be juuuust right.  trust.  but it’s even more of a delight when someone makes it for you.

lately, my roommate has been awesome & given me 3 mixes.  and i’ve been meaning to make one for him.  but the thing is, he’s much more up on the new jams & i don’t have anything in ye ole music library that he hasn’t already heard.

tonight, i decided to change this.  tonight, i was going to find some new jams on my own.  tonight, i was going to make an amazing summer mix full of sun drenched tunes and night-time grooves.

tonight i went down a musical rabbit hole.


  1. new york groove/ KISS
  2. most wanted/ cults
  3. jean genie/ david bowie
  4. how do i know/ here we go magic
  5. uh-oh, love comes to town/ talking heads
  6. boomerang/ miniature tigers
  7. no good for you/ terry malts
  8. this head i hold/ electric guest
  9. sunshine (cataracs remix)/ rye rye ft M.I.A.
  10. girl like me/ ladyhawke
  11. warrior/ kimbra
  12. the wave/ miike snow
  13. what did he say/ nite jewel
  14. the ghost inside/ broken bells
  15. paddling out/ miike snow
  16. spore/ ramona falls
  17. teary eyes and bloody lips/ moonfaced
  18. american daydream/ electric guest

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ok, so yet again i create a challenge of extraordinary proportions.  and i am mentally like “yessssssss!  this will be the best thing ever!!!!!! and i will tooooootally do this every single day for.e.ver.”  and then five minutes later something else super shiny catches my eye & i forget about my original plan.

it’s official.  i have the attention span of a goldfish.

good intentions?  yes,  i have lots of those.  big ideas?  i’d say more than the average bear.  attention span?

wait….what was i saying?  (oh man, i’m sooooo funny…)

while i have been doing a mental hashtag of all the things i’m grateful for, i have not been great at putting that gratitude out there on the world-wide web like i originally intended. 

life got in the way.  i was way busy.  i needed to paint my nails.  mr bix had the hiccups.  it rained.  i had to brush my hair.  it was a sunday.  [fill in ridiculous excuse here].

which is lame.  all of the excuses are true, but still lame.  so here are the remaining 20 things i am grateful for…better late than never, right???

  1. my super awesome fanny pack.  it’s super.  it’s awesome.  and it holds things for me while i take my evening strolls around the neighborhood.
  2. wedding season…i love being a 2nd shooter.  i get to be apart of someone’s “happy moment”.  i get to eat free cake, i get to drink free wine, i get to dance to my favorite song “Shout!”, i get to kick it with my friend, i get to pick up my camera…aaaaand i get paid to do all of that.  pretty freakin sweet gig.
  3. my roommate.  he’s seriously so amazing that i can’t even use words to describe him.
  4. all of the awesome times hanging out with my fabulous friends.
  5. mix tapes.  they are the jam.
  6. going to see amazing live music.  it’s even jammier.
  7. the fact that my plants are still alive.  even the scary dandelion is pretty impressive.
  8. my brother graduating high school.  proud of you, littlest brother!
  9. thinking about upcoming vacations.
  10. finding hilariously poetic fortune cookie fortunes like this…
  11. sleeping in.  lately, that’s been a pretty scarce thing.  but when it happens, sweet baby jesus, it’s fantastic.
  12. finishing a book.  always a sense of accomplishment, even though it might be a silly book.
  13. HBO’s GIRLS.  dude.  i love that show.
  14. speaking of great shows…so you think you can dance is back on.  and that makes my heart happy.  and my dancing shoes dancy.
  15. oklahoma sunsets.  have you seen them lately?  gah.  breathtaking.
  16. photo inspiration.  i have 2 shoots that i really really really need to make happen.  in my head, they are legit.  now it’s time to make them happen!
  17. my family.  love you guys.
  18. the fact that my old school ipod still works.  seriously, that’s pretty amazing.  2005 technology at it’s finest.
  19. ashley’s sheet cake.  holy sheet, it is the best cake in the whole wide world.

and finally, in honor of tonight’s game…

20.  OKC Thunder making it to the finals….THUNDER UP!!!!!!!!

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the only good thing about daylight savings time is that i still have an hour or so of daylight after work.  and one of my favoritest things to do (outside of chillin on the porch with good friends and a frosty salty dog, natch) is a leisurely walk/jog/run around the neighborhood.

part of it is the freedom of just letting my mind wander whilst listening to amaze jams.  i also like to look at the houses and pretend what they’d look like after i redecorated them.  yeah, i do that.  oh, and burning calories are rad.

sooooooo, today i am grateful for my sweet new kicks.  i finally spent more than $50 on crappy mom running shoes and bought a pair that are both comfortable and snazzy looking.  and, i’m convinced, make me much much faster than i used to be.

belize bikini body, here i come!!

so fast.

oh!  and i totally love that i got to hang out with one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world.  haven’t seen her lovely face in way too long.

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good intentions, i have good intentions of posting every day.  but theeeeeeen life happens, and, well, i forget until 2am.  but then it’s sleepy time for merediths.  so here is my “catch up” post.


overall, really really really excited that my wonderful KK is joining me on ye ole family trip this year.  family trips are awesome, but adding a KK will make it extra awesome.


now on to the specifics


i am so grateful for one of my besties…cuz March 21st is her bday.  holla!  happy bday Ldawg!  soooooo happy you were born today & that we became friends during a lil 1 act called “Night, Mother”.  it has, is, and always will be such a blast hangin out with you!


unofficial roommate night.  bad tv, decent beers, and b’dass company.  it’s what every thursday needs.


it’s the weekend.  need i say more?


casual hang out time with Allie.  it’s always nice to just relax, and catch up on the random things that have happened in the past few weeks.  nothin major, just good conversation.  juuuuust what i needed.


sunday naps are the best.  the absolute best.  so much better than any other day.

and fiiiiiiiiinally today…

photo inspiration!  huzzah for an awesome idea!   and for an amazing roommate who is always up for an impromptu photo shoot.  now off to take some pictures!!!!