Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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ok, so i didn’t really drive, i flew.  but every time i go to chicago (mostly for business…gotta love that the HQ is in a kick ass city) the Sufjan Stevens’ song plays in my head.


with all the birthday-palooza (don’t worry, i’ll share all of the fun stories later this weekend) going on i almost forgot about my whirlwind trip to the windy city!  silly meredith, how could i have forgotten that?!


my trips are pretty action packed with meetings and whatnot.  this one was no different.  but i always try to sneak downtown at least one night because, hey, i’m in chicago and that would just be a damn shame if i spent the whole time in the hotel.  normally i’m able to sneak out with the help of Guacamolly and Courttt (that’s 3 t’s).  i always feel like the super cool kid when they pick me up for an evening of adventure while all the other people are stuck at the hotel with overpriced drinks and chain restaurant food.  unfortunately, this time they were both busy (and i didn’t give them any notice that i would be in town).  but i did have a cool group of fellow oklahomies i was traveling with, so the adventure downtown still happened.


here are two random facts about me.  1) i have an irrational fear/extreme dislike of wet wipes (or moist towlettes) and hand sanitizer.  2) i have an unfathomable love of public transportation.


i’ve tried to figure out why i love public transportation so much.  maybe it’s because oklahoma has zero public transportation?  maybe it’s because you see such a wide spectrum of people who i love to glance at whilst pretending to be reading my book?  maybe it’s that it’s so gosh darn affordable?  i dunno why…probably a combo of both.  but i love it, i do.  give me a train, a taxi, a subway and i am a happy traveler.  i could just ride the L train in chicago for hours upon hours and be happy as a clam.

destination...awesome! and for the low low price of $2.50

the only problem is when you need to go to the bathroom very very badly.  like, hypothetical situation here…you have a few brewhahas, like 5 or so…and you “broke the seal” so now you have to pee every 15 minutes…and the L is running slow (i heard that someone jumped on the tracks, which is really sad)…and it’s like a 30-45 min ride back to the o’hare hotel village.  ok, so it wasn’t so hypothetical at all.  it was all true.  and holy bananas did i have to pee.  i almost wet my pants.  oh, and FYI, there are not any bathrooms at the train stops.  not a single one.  normal circumstances, i wouldn’t want to use the train stop bathroom.  but that night, i would’ve in a heart beat.  i seriously considered just lettin it go and being the girl who peed her pants.

if peein your pants is cool, i was almost miles davis

we finally did find a bathroom (even though the cab driver was way more lost than we were and took his damn time driving).  and let me tell you, it was heaven.


back to chicago.  i really dig that city.  it is a nice combo of big city and midwestern town.  it’s really busy and eccentric, but the older buildings and people make it seem less scary to a country gal (haha) like me.  they have some pretty neat neighborhoods with unique stores and restaurants.  and, oh!, all the people ridding their bikes!! it made me that much more excited to finally get my bike.  and i so so so wished that i could’ve been one of the hip people ridin their bicycles around Wicker Park…which is where we hung out and went to a delish sushi dinner.  after dinner, we waltzed into a death metal bar (which scared some of the peeps i was with, but i found hilarious) and then vacated.  we then found a nice little bar with a table right on the patio so we could people watch and enjoy a beer (which would come back to haunt me later).


after quite a while of people watching, and playing the “could i live here?” game, i decided that i still prefer my little slice of OKC.  i sincerely love chicago, i really do.  so to all you chicago dwelling peoples, i’m not insultin your city.  i would happily spend a month or two in chicago.  happily.  and it’s not the sticker shock of the cost of living that makes me cling to my beloved oklahoma (i assume most people’s pay checks take into account that booze, food, and shoes are ridiculously priced…). 

the real reason i couldn’t live there is this: i don’t think i’m hip enough to live there.  i like to think i’m pretty fashion forward with a unique sense of style, and most of the time i am (hey, i started rockin a mens watch yeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrssss ago!).  but my hair is definitely not hip enough to live in Wicker park.  and i don’t own enough American Apparel.  or have enough visible tattoos.

i don't think these kids would let me hang out.

and, i don’t think i would love public transportation as much as i do if i lived there.  it would cease to be a novelty.  and i can’t let that be ruined…then i’d only be left with my irrational fear of wet wipes and that’s not cool.


but i do love you chicago.  and i’ll see you again real soon.  like late august.  until then, keep on keepin on.


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as the celebration of the day of my birth comes to an end, i just wanted to share a few things.

first, i’m always so amazed at what wonderful friends and family i have.  i mean, i know that i have great friends.  and i know that i have a great family.  but i’m constantly in awe of just how spectacular they are and how very Very VERY lucky i am to have every single one of them in my life.  they are always so much fun, so uplifting, and just gosh-darn awesome.  and, i won’t lie, i felt pretty cool with all the facebook well wishes i got today.  yeah, i know it’s silly, but i was kinda worried that no one would say anything and that i’d feel like an awkward middle schooler again.  lame, i know…but you gotta admit that you look forward to the facebook ‘happy birthday’ commentpalooza too.  it’s ok, i won’t tell anyone.

thank you all for making me feel special and for bringing such joy to my life (and for making me feel super facebook cool, haha).

secondly, i used to be afraid of getting older.  once you hit 21, what’s left?  a decrease in my car insurance?  wowza, that’s a party…not.

well, i’ll tell ya what’s left…everything.  with each year, i feel like i grow that much more as a person, that i have that many more great (and sometimes not so great) experiences.  so getting older?  bring it on!  i’ve earned these laugh wrinkles that are starting to show up and am damn proud of ’em!!

finally, i have eaten so much cake i think i might be sick.  i’ve had gooey buttery cake, strawberry cake, chocolate mousse cake, and (soon to come) key lime pie.  oh, sweet delicious calories…i will be shaking an angry fist at you when i try to button up my pants next week.  but, you were totally worth every bite!!

thank you everyone, for a spectacular 27th birthday.  i can’t wait to see what this age has in store for me!

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i found it!  i found it!  i found a super rad bicycle that is amazing and fantastic and soon to be mine!!! ok, so actually the lumberjack found it for me.  he sent me the link on craigslist, i said “wow, that one looks really neat-o”, then he checked to make sure it was in good condition (the bike currently resides in Dallas).  and he gives it the thumbs up.  which thank goodness, cuz i have no idea what i’d be looking for…all i know is that it looks super sweet. 

so, yup! i’m getting a really awesome bicycle!!!  wanna see?

check check check it out!

it’s an awesome schwinn cruiser.  i was hoping to find a 3 speed, but…well…i love this bicycle and okc is pretty flat so i think i’ll be golden with 1 speed.  and look at the seat!! it has a super cute ‘S’ on it!

now i just gotta think of a name for it…but that will have to wait until we official meet.

who wants to go on a bicycle ride?!



next up on the blog agenda….

emsy and baby z’s portrait session.  i’m pretty excited about it…it’s my 2nd portrait session and i got to use KKs super fancy pants photoshop and whatnot.  i’m pretty darn pleased with myself.

course, it helps that emsy is absolutely beautiful and baby z is one of the most precious little buttons i’ve ever seen.  he was smiley and cute, then fell asleep like an angel.  here are some of my favorites.  well, i had like 150 favorite images….but that’s way way way too many to post.  and then i tried to narrow it down to 3, but that was just impossible.  so here are a few of my most favoritest images.

this little guy was ready to rock n roll

emsy has lazer eyes

look at that little guy! and emsy...beautiful!!


baby z also has the lazer eyes...

i snapped this one while they were laughing at dad, who was a little camera shy but great at making them smile

i just plain love this picture

this one is so serene. look at that sweet face!



i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike! 


too bad i don’t have one.  ah, shucks, i take that back.  i do have one.  i have an older cannondale hand-me-down that is pretty legit.  only problem is the racing bike is a little too advanced for me.  i tried riding it around the block, and i’m not gonna lie kiddos…it wasn’t a pretty sight.  whoever made up the phrase “it’s like riding a bike” (or whatever that phrase is) has not met me.  and all of my clumsy glory (the other day i accidentally rammed my elbow into the corner edge of the wall so hard it bled.  yeah, the corner edge that’s on the way to my bathroom…which hasn’t moved once in the 3 years i’ve lived in my condo.  i’m that kid.)  let’s just say i may have fallen.  a few times.


but lately, i’ve been wanting a kick ass bike. 


i can’t credit myself for this awesome idea.  it’s 2 parts Pied Piper/The Ax duo and 1 part Lumberjack/Ldawg duo’s influence.  and i was chatting with Ldawg earlier today and she showed me the bike that the Lumberjack got her.  is it possible to fall in love with a bicycle at first sight?  because i sure did. 

be still my bi-peddlin heart!

ah!  look at those dainty-girly flowers!!  and the green rimmed wheels!!! and the baby blue spokes!!  it’s an electra girard 3i “tree of life” (in the amsterdam series).  and i need it.  i really do.  i would look awesome peddling around on it!  i would name it something rad like “annabelle” or “olive”.  and we’d be best friends, just cruisin around the OKC.


or check out this raleigh retroglide…it’s in green!  my favoritest of colors!

classically awesome


yet another thing to save my nickels and pennies for.  but this time it’d be easier to validate…i mean, i’d be saving the environment by biking to places (no evil carbon monoxide emissions from me when i’m cruisin on this sweet ride!) added bonus, i’d be getting some exercise whilst looking rocktastic.  and maybe i could get a cute little basket and go to the flower store up the street tobuy flowers and then put them in said basket.  how cute would i be?!?!


and then, i can start a super rad bicycle gang!  which means it’d have to have a b’dass name…and you know how i love coming up with names!

watch out, here comes awesomeness on a bicycle!

and the bicycle gang could also have kick ass t-shirts with our names on them.  and maybe even matching streamers or bike bells or some other sweet accessory that declares the bike gang’s awesomeness and raditude.


and don’t worry, it’ll be a really nice bicycle gang…not one that drinks lots of beers and gets in fights and vandalizes things.  well, there’d be drinking of beers and alcoholic bevies (although, no drunk bicycling…no one wants a BUI)  but no vandalizing, only beautifying of the area…the gang’d do nice things like plant flowers in the community and help little old ladies cross the street and take pics of the cool OKC sites that shows everyone how cool OKC is.


soooo….who’s with me?!  who wants to be in a uber-rad-but-really-nice bicycle gang?



dear pot luck,


you weren’t as awful as i thought you’d be.  actually, you were quite delightful. 

i sincerely apologize for being a grumpy pants betch to you the other night.  it was totally uncalled for.  my frustration was really aimed a the grocery store (we all know how much i hate the stupid grocery store, i will never apologize to him!).  you are indeed a very nice event that brings people together like a nice family dinner.


i hope that you can forgive me and that we can be friends.




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every company has them.

the effing pot luck lunch.

oh, i remember the days when lunch was ordered in.  i’d receive a very nice note saying “please circle the sandwich of your choice”.  and i’d circle a yummy sandwich.  or we’d all be surprised by something super delish. 


not any more.  nay.  now i live in the era of the pot luck lunch.



i mean, i get it.  it save companies money.  it’s like a nice family style lunch for people who you work with.  it’s supposed to raise morale.  blah blah blah


hey jimmy, please pass the peas. gee, it sure is swell having lunch together! golly gee!

i mean, i love to grub on some home-made delightful cooking.  who doesn’t?  but the problem is that you have to bring something too.  well, more specifically I  have to bring something too.


have you met me?  have you eaten something that i actually made by myself (without help from a friend or family member)? 


obviously these people haven’t.  because i am not a chef.  or even an adequate cook.  i’m a bumbling idiot in the kitchen.  and yet, at a pot luck, i’m expected to bring something to the table.


which means i have to go to the grocery store.


which i hate more than poison. 


i wouldn’t mind if i had to go for something simple, like store-bought cookies.  but no, i have to sign up for a crucial ingredient.  the theme is mexican food.  i signed up for the taco fixin’s.  more specifically, i signed up to bring the taco meat.  i can’t not bring that…there’d be a whole lotta sad little tacos without any ground beef.  dammit dammit dammit.  why oh why did i sign up for this?!?!?  i have to go to the grocery store.  then i have to cook.  shit shit shit.  there is no avoiding the grocery store.


so today, after work, i was good.  i got home, did the 30 day shred dvd that i reluctantly bought but will Will WILL do every day if it fucking kills me (and trust me, jillian michaels might just kill me.  or my tv, if i throw something at it).  and i was going to go the grocery store.  i really was.  but KK was having a low shrimp broil.  and card night.  i have to be present for that.  it’s in the Meredith rule book that i must be present for that.  no worries, i’ll swing by walmart stupid super center on my way home.


which was delightfully empty.


until i got to the checkout line.  which was not so empty.  in fact, i’d say it was jam-packed.  hell, there was only 2 lanes open so of course it was.  and no matter what line i chose, i was bound to stand there for eternity.


dear reader, i will speak to you truthfully.  no exaggeration.  no modification.  i stood behind 3 people.  all with at least 32 items (i counted).  and the cashier was an older lady.  who scanned 1 coupon 7 times.  i counted.  she literally scanned it 7 times.  i mean, fuck, after the 4th time i woulda just given the guy the damn 10 cents off his room spray.  it’s not like walmart is exactly hurtin.


but no, she scanned and scanned and scanned and

one more second of this and i'm going to really freak out

 scanned and holy-bejesus she scanned and scanned and scanned dear-lord-help-me and scanned and scanned and does-this-really-take-so-long and scanned and scanned how-many-more-cartons-of-milk-does-this-guy-have scanned and scanned and scanned and man-i-really-need-to-pee and scanned and scanned and fuck-this-shit-im-leaving and scanned.


so i left.  i walked quickly to the meat section (ish) and put down the 5lbs of ground beef and 3 packets of taco seasoning (how many should i really use?) and got the fuck out of there.  i really had to pee.  like, cross your legs do the pee dance, pee.  and this old lady was not about to move any quicker. 


tomorrow, i will have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn.  and go to the grocery store.  then, once i’ve returned, i will have to slap on a smiling face and brown up some delish taco seasoned ground beef

my oh my, we've got a hungry group of people here!

why?  because i signed up for a stupid crucial ingredient.  and i will not let this dumb pot luck fail.  ugh.