Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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seriously.  things have been crazypants.  i know that i’ve talked about it before, saying i’m “oh yeah, super busy bee” and all.  but life has just been going so freaking fast.

like, dude, it’s november.  really.  did you know that?  because i just looked at the date and it is seriously, legitimately november.  what the crap, time?  why ya gotta move so fast?  why can’t ya take a little, tiny bit of a “zack morris” time out and let a lovely lady like myself catch up?

and, just for the record, lemme break down what i’ve been up to…

work, work, more work…both real life job work, then enjoyment photography work. real life job work is, well…ya know…real work.  it’s the awesomeness that is “i love my job” and also the stress of being short staffed & training new associates.  it’s fun, it’s busy, i wouldn’t trade it for anything…but i will say that i’m ready for life to slow down a bit so i can enjoy this wonderful fall weather we’ve been having in oklahoma.

so crazypants, yes indeed. 

but, like a bright shining ray of awesomeness in the midst of crazypants town, there was halloween.

me?  i love halloween.  not for the candy (it rots your teeth), nor for the tricking (i’m a nice person, don’t wanna trick anyone).  no, i love it for one reason…costumes.

i love making costumes.  i love dressing up.  and i go all out for my halloween costume.  i break out the ole sewing machine and macgyver up some sort of awesomeness.  this year, i did a two part halloween costume.  i mean, if one costume is good…then two costumes must be excellent, right?


first party i went to was 1920s theme…i went as a flapper.  ‘course, i did mix it up a bit.  had to have a little twist of whimsy in there.  i did more of a 1920s meets 1980s flapper style. 

i was particularly proud of my headpiece that i made.  it was giant and glittery and feathery and i heart it so much that i wish i could wear it every single day.  too bad i can’t…doesn’t really look all that great with jeans.

gotta love feathery glitter-tasticness

the party was very swanky.  there were champagne cocktails, everyone was dressed to the nines, and the birthday girl was amazing (happy birthday emsy!!)

the next costume i made was “high school meredith”.  i used part of the earlier costume, dressed up in something random (hey, that was my style back then…i literally wore a prom skirt, tshirt, and my dad’s giant ’70s lambskin coat to school most days.  how i got away with wearing a tshirt was beyond me , but they rarely said anything.)  i found some old school books…all the pretty horses, a farewell to arms, and economy if you’re wondering…there were even a few quizzes and notes from friends still in there to give that authentic touch.  my eye makeup was heavy, and the only thing worse than my posture was my attitude.  gotta love being an angsty teen.

"dude, this party is so lame...maybe you're friend who's 21 will buy us some beer"

yeah, that’s my teenager snarl…i’m pretty much a badass, ya know?  ok, so maybe not…

now that costume palooza is over, it’s time to start thinking up next year’s outfit…