Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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well well well, only 4 days left in this year i like to call ‘010.  it seemed like forever ago that i started this little blog as a literary “EFF YOU” to ‘010.  and then it evolved into something much more lovely.  like a rainbow of sorts that has led me to the pot of gold after the end of a rainstorm. *sniff sniff*  sorry kids, i’m gettin a little emotional.

ok, back on track.

so…how’d the year stack up?

in ‘010s bitchy corner there are 25 blogs, with such great hits as

1) the billion snow storm & ice paloozas

2) the car crash that killed kenny (although i was JUST SITTING at a stoplight!!)

3) charles henrie’s passing (may he be frolicking in a place with no grass allergies)

4) the hideous Swamp Thing meets Elvira hair fiasco

5) failed experiments #1 and #2

HOWEVER the victory category (me!) has a whopping 32 blogs.

at this point in time, i am very tempted to run around the room doing a victory lap…but i don’t want to jinx myself.  that would not be good.  nope, not one bit.  and, i have 1st hand knowledge that ‘010 can be a tricksy, meddlesome, no good witch.  so i will not rattle the cage to see what the bear does.  instead, i will just reflect on the bright shinning moments of this year and give some shout outs…

shout out #1 goes to friends and family:  you’re all amazing and awesome and i love you all to pieces.  without y’all, i would’ve been stuck in suckiness

shout out #2 goes to the aquiring of Thelma (my beautiful canon 5d mark ii), my Emmaline Jelly Bean (vintage bike extraordinaire), and my brand spankin new iPad.

shout out #3 goes to Project 2010 Hugs…while i did not complete this project (oh busy life, you got in the way), i will just say that i enjoyed you very much.

shout out #4 goes to all of the good times, the great times, and the über great times.  you were…um…great?  yes, great indeed.

so here’s to the last 4 days.  i’m going to try my bestest to make them as amazing as i can. 

kisses and hugs, ‘010.


merry merry quite contrary.


p.s.  i realize that in 4 days i will need to change the name of my blog…’01o will be over with and it’s just silly to keep it.  soooooo…suggestions are appreciated!


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oh how i love a good  challenge.

i’m really quite awesome at coming up with an idea, one that seems to be easy but then turns into something very very difficult.  and me, i’m not so great at compromising.  i can’t just say: “well, i don’t think this is going to turn out exactly the way i want it to…maybe i’ll just alter it a little because this will work just fine”.  oh no, not me.  instead i shake my fist and yell “challenge?!?!  you dare to defy me?!  i WILL find [fill in the blank] and it will be RAD!!!  just you wait!!”

watch out buddy!

currently, i have several challenges going on.  and i will win.  oh yes, i will totally win.  even if it takes me all year.  but it won’t.  because both of them have due dates.  so i must complete them in a timely fashion.

CHALLENGE NUMERO UNO:  finding a love-seat.

i am desperately seeking a love seat.  not for my house, for a photo shoot that i want to do.  and i don’t want just any couch.  i have a specific style that i’m thinking of.  one that has a vintage vibe, but with sleek lines.  one with a cool pattern, but isn’t overbearing and too loud.  i want it to be big enough that it isn’t too dainty, but small enough that it’s easily portable.

a little something like this...only maybe in a more muted green

oh, and i want to pay less than $100 for it.


see?  doesn’t that sound like it would be super easy to find??

ok, so maybe not that easy…it is incredibly specific.  i’ll admit that.  but you’d think someone out there would have one just waiting for a meredith to purchase an awesome, vintage-vibe couch with clean lines and an interesting but not overpowering pattern for under $100!  so far craigslist is only offering up frumpy, beat up nasty couches and the antique stores are only dealing in over priced ugly (and not in a cool way) sofas.


but i haven’t given up yet.  i will find the love seat of my dreams.  and all will be well in the world.



CHALLENGE NUMBER 2:  project “hats”

oh, project “hats”.  you make my heart sing.  and are also the biggest thorn in my holiday side.


i’m doing this photo project, which will be AMAZING when it is completed.  it involves some of my grandmother & grandfather’s vintage hats.  and it involves my family members wearing said hats.  and it involves me photographing said family members wearing said hats.

and i have 2 of the pieces available…the hats and the photographer (me).  only problem is hunting down my family members.


they are all totally all about helping.  and posing for the pictures (don’t want you to think they’re being meanie pants, because they definitely are not meanie pants.  my family is awesome pants).  however, we all have crazy hectic schedules.  and trying to align them has been as difficult as trying to align the stars with my bare hands (i did this once in ’72…i’ll do it again in ‘010!…ok, so i didn’t really.  but only because i didn’t exist in ’72.  but if i was alive, i totes would have.)


for this challenge, i have exactly 10 days.  10 days to find Lil M, Ashmatash, Coop, Hayden, and my uncle.  can i do this?  you better believe it!  i will totes camp out on their doorstep until they come home. 

maybe i'll buy this to help while i camp's a tent AND a rain coat! GENIUS!!


so i’m ready for the challenges.  i think i can totally win.  i am dedicated, persistent, and willing to be obnoxious in my pursuit of sofa & pics.


but if you hear of a cool sofa, lemme know.  and if you run into one of my family members, let them know that they need to come home soon…i’m camped out on their doorstep & it’s starting to get very cold & mr bix misses me (and i miss him).  unfortunately, there’s no rain so my tent/rain coat is just kind of pointless.

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yep, that’s right everyone…i had a date last night. 



he was funny, he was polite (knows how to say please and thank you), super cute, he shared well, was a great dancer, has the best laugh, is a snazzy dresser, and (best of all!) he slept through the night!


umm…wait a minute…did i mention that it was a “date” with Cohcoh?  one of my favoritest 3 yr olds in the whole wide world and pretend nephew extraordinaire? 


hangin out in the kitchen, wearing a fancy hat...because Cohcoh is fancy like that!

did you really think i had a hot date?  c’mon now, you know better than that! 


although, it was a fantastic date.  and i loved the chance to just kick it, me & cohcoh style.  we had a delish dinner at the olive garden, where he played with his “men” and did puzzles (which he is a master at the puzzles…such a smart guy!).  then it was movie time, Happy Feet…which turned into us having a happy feet dance party.  after the movie, we had to get some reading time in there.  i can’t just let the kid watch movies & eat ice cream trucks (ice cream in cohcoh speak) all night!  so we read a few books(where the wild things are, goodnight moon, and barnyard dance), and then read them each a few more times for good measure.  Finally that little guy just had too much partying and fell asleep.  he only woke up once, kinda grumbled that he wanted his mom.  to which i replied “we’ll see her in the morning, go back to sleep buddy”.  and he did.  which was awesome because i totes didn’t think that would work.


this morning i woke up to him patting my cheek saying “meremere!  wake up!  bix licked me in the face!  watch penguin movie?”


so, yup… a perfect evening with one of my favoritest people in the world.  and we didn’t accidentally burn the house down, no broken bones or blood, no tears of any sort.  just 100% awesomeness.  which is just the way i like it!



tis the holiday season, my friends.  the time when turkey day happens and then *BOOM* before you know it, christmas (or your respective decembertime holiday) and then *BAM* a new year comes ringing in. 

and, well, with a holiday that has the word “thank” in it just recently completed, what better time to post a blog about being “thankful”.



i’ve been thinking about what being “thankful” means a lot recently.  with my world in such a whirlwind of crazy busy, i hate to admit it, but…well…honesty is key here…  i’ve been feeling a lot of things that are mostly uncharacteristic for me.  i’ve been feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and just this overbearing pressure to get everything done at the level of quality i expect from myself.  as a result of this, i have become so tunnel visioned that i have forgotten something very important…to be thankful for the things, opportunities, and, most importantly, the people i have in my life.


well, good news folks, i have pulled my head out of my metaphorical you-know-what.  i had a good cry on KKs shoulder, took a hermit-crab day where i did nothing but catch up on sleep and tv, and then took a giant step back to look at my life.



and you know what?  i have a mountain load of things to be thankful for.  seriously.  a freakin mountain load.  luckily for you, dear reader, i’m not going to list every single thing.  the post would take me way way way too long to write and it would be way way way too long to read.  so i’m going to abbreviate myself.  ok, so it’ll still be lengthy no matter what.  but i’m going to have it only be a “top 15” of thankfulness.


in no particular order…

1.  my parental units.

oh my wonderful parental units.  or mom & dad.  or sometimes i like to call them by their first names, Julia & Chris.  while at times they can be the most polar opposites i’ve ever seen, they do have several key things in common.  they are both honest, hard-working, devoted, compassionate, and uplifting people. 

you cannot hang out with my mom and not laugh your butt off.  or feel how much she genuinely cares about her job and the students she works with, and me (of course).  it is impossible.  she’s hip.  she’s cool.  she’s super tall.  and i love her to pieces.

me & my mama llama.


my dad…well, my dad is quite the character.  he has a way of making any day better…be it with random pic messages of “king olef” (cohcoh’s toy soldier that he left behind has been on many trips). or dropping off 10 bags of my favorite granola at my store.  he is wise and full of great life lessons.  he seriously needs his own catchy theme song.

me & my dad. he's even nice enough to let me pretend that i'm tall too


so, my parents.  i am thankful for them.  they are my biggest cheerleaders, helping me to strive for the giant goals.  and, on the times that i do fall, they are always there to help pick me back up and help mend the pieces.  thank you both for that.


2.  the grand parental units.

i only was able to meet 2 of them, my Neena and G-bob.  and golly gee, they are the bestest grand parents a gal could ask for.  my Neena is the coolest lady i know.   and G-bob, he was just phenomenal.


3.  my family

they are the wackiest bunch of individuals.  each person is uniquely amazing.  and throw them all together, well, it’s always a fiesta of some sort.  some saying somewhere goes “you don’t choose your family”.  and this is true.  but, if given the choice, i would choose them in a heart beat.  a million times over.  my parents, my brothers, my grandparents, my aunts & uncles, my cousins, my step family, my extended family…i’d pick each and every one of them.  you better believe it.


4.  my friends

my friends are an extension of family.  somehow, our paths have delightfully crossed and they become apart of my life.  i’m lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  i’m lucky to have them share their lives with me.  it’d take me forever to list each and every one of them & why they are so special.  so just know, my wonderful friends, that i am so very very thankful to have you in my life.


5.  mr bix

he’s my monster puppenstein and i’ll love him forever. 


mr bix, my handsome puppenstein

6.  stuff

i am thankful for the things i have…like my condo, my car, the things in my condo, and whatnot.  while i don’t consider myself materialistic, i am very thankful for the things i have.


7.  music

it makes the world go round


8.  photography

it makes my heart sing.


shot by me & KK, edited by KK

9.  KK’s kitchen

it is where many a delish meal is made (like last night’s soup).  and it saves me from eating microwave meals or take out every single night.  not to mention it is a great place to kick it.  and it includes KK, which is a very cool thing.


10.  my job

i love my team, i love the company i work for, and i get paid to be there.  thankfulness for that.


11.  fall & early winter

it hasn’t yet turned into ice-storms or snow-storms or crazy winter storm palooza weather yet.  crisp fall air.  beautiful colors of red, browns, oranges, and where the grass turns a lovely wheat color.  soup.  awesome fall boots.  holidays.  scarves.  snuggly sweaters.  perfect movie watching days.  having the room be an iceberg while i’m cozy under my giant down comforter.  what’s not to love about fall & early winter?  and therefore i am thankful for it.


friends, disc golf, and fall weather...nothin could be better

12.  soups

currently i am on a huge soup kick.  Neena made a yummy chicken enchilada soup the day before thanksgiving that was divine.  and KK made a delish soup the other night (with enough for leftovers!!).  so i have decided that this winter shall be the Winter of Soup.  i can’t cook to save my life, but i am strongly encouraging all the people that cook & let me dine at their house to make soups.  i’ll bring the wine.


13.  laughter

there is nothing more catchy than the sound of a genuine laugh.  the kind that rumbles from your toes and comes bursting out.  Cohcoh has the most infectious laugh ever.  he starts to giggle and i can’t help but add my obnoxiously loud cackle to it. 


14.  my blog

i haven’t been posting as much.  and i have forgotten how lovely it is.  even if i was the only person in the world to read it, i would still blog.  theraputic?  you betcha. 

15.  everything else

i could go on forever.  but i’m not going to.  i’m just going to add a general “everything else”.  i am thankful for all of the good things, all of the “life lessons” that are disguised as not-so-good things, and everything in between. 




i am a lucky duck.  and i am going to be mindful of taking the time to remember this. 


i am thankful.