Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?


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it’s been a while.  so why not start of with something random and slightly embarrassing?  i think it’s only fair, since i’ve been neglecting the dear ole blog.


here in a month, something really exciting is happenin at the Casa de Merry.  one of the coolest people i know is going to become my roommate.  he’s awesome, hilarious, and one of my bestest friends.


that’s not the embarrassing thing though.  that is the radness that is going to happen in august.

the state my spare bedroom (which will become his bedroom) is the embarrassing part.  uber embarrassing.  the uberest of embarrassment.  kids, it’s what i like to call my “hoarder room of doom”.  and normally, no one is allowed in there.  ever.  unless you’re loydikins or rhondie.  other than that, it’s off-limits.  when giving the “home tour”, if you attempt to open that door, i will fling myself towards it and say in a high-pitched squeaky voice “don’t open that door! “

don't go in there! oh the horror!!!!

yes.  it is that bad. 

there is clean laundry waiting to be folded.  piles of clothes that need to be laundered.  a closet crammed full of old clothes that i haven’t worn in years but somehow cannot bear to part with.  boxes of stuff that hasn’t yet found a home.  completed & partially completed costumes and projects.  there are random books.  random shoes.  random vacuum cleaners.  it is where i dump things when “oh shit, so-and-so is coming in 10 minutes…i gotta keep up the pretense that i have a organized-ish home…i’ll just put XYZ in here for now”.  and then that is where XYZ will live for the next 3 years.



kids, i wish i was exaggerating.  but sadly, i’m not.  this one room is just pure chaos.  not just the normal organized chaos of my life.  pure effing chaos.

in preparation for the Great Move-in (yes, it needs caps because it’s going to be GREAT!), i knew there was one main thing i needed to do.  i needed to clean. that. room.  eek!


but i’m weak.  i would want to keep everything.  and, honestly, the task was so massive that i needed help.  lots and lots of help.  and someone who is a tidy & organized individual that would give me the honest to goodness words of “you don’t need to keep that” and not let me BS my way into hanging on to it for another year or 10.

enter Allison.  she is all of the above, and super rad too.

see? she’s awesome


with her help, and the help of many a glad bag, i was able to whip both the closet AND the hoarder room of doom into shape.  what’s nicest about the lovely miss Allison is that she did not mock or gasp too much when i first opened the door that is never opened.  she did say something to the effect of “oh my”, but nothing like “holy bananas, are you effing kidding me?  you’re on your own freakazoid, i’m out” and run for the hills.  nope, she is an organizational trooper.  a warrior of sorting.  a princess of de-clutter.


really, the best part of everything (other than hanging out with Allison, of course) was digging through drawers long forgotten and finding some shirt loooong forgotten.  i found a belt that i’ve been trying to find for  years.  and a few dresses i thought had gone to the great closet in the sky.  but bestest of all, there were some really awesome fashion statements i was making circa 1999.  and yes, i still had outfits from the 90’s.  in fact, a several freaking drawers full of some seriously baaaaaaad outfits from the 90’s…some of them looked very much like this… know you loved these outfits

 but you’d be very proud of me.  i did let go & put them in the “goodwill” pile, because let’s be honest, no resell shop worth their salt was going to accept a backless pale pink crop top made of terry-cloth.  i set very strict rules for what i was allowed to keep & what would either be donated or resold.  for instance, if i haven’t worn it in over a year & 1/2, then it was doneski.  i only had to be scolded a few times for clutching a shirt and muttering some comment like “buuuut, i wore this to my first day of college and it was such an amazing day with rainbows and majestic unicorns frolicking in the UMC.  i can’t possibly give it away!!”


cut to 12 hours, 8 bags of trash, 8 bags of goodwill, and 5 bags clothes to resell later.  my closet is beautiful.  shoes are organized & have their own little home.  all of my clothes are grouped together by article AND color.  it is truly a sight to behold.  it is beautiful.  radiant.  glorious.

seriously fantastic

and the hoarder room of doom?  who knew there was really a floor in there?  well, there is.  and it is now visible.

ok, so other than the rando vacuum cleaner that needs to go and the furniture that needs to go to storage, this room is ready to rock n roll!

all i have left to do in preparation for my new roomie is to clean out the garage.


but that is a story (and a chore) for another day.  it is effin hot here in oklahoma & i have a pre-4th of july beer pong palooza party to get to.  keep your fingers crossed that KK & I win the tournament (like the champions we are) and have a happy 4th of july kiddos.