Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




kids, i’m not gonna lie.  i’m really tired today.  i’m not as young as i used to be. staying up until 2am only to wake up at 7:30am & be ready to rock and roll for work is just not possible anymore.

yes.  i stayed up until 2am on a monday night.  and was it because i was out partying like a rock star?  perhaps i was out gallavanting with the oklahoma city social elite at a place that is so cool & so hip you’ve never even heard of it before?

i wish this was true, but it’s not.  sorry guys, no inside line to the hippest places in OKC on this blog tonight.  nope, i stayed up in true nerdy fashion…being so caught up in a book that i blasted past the decent bedtime, all while wearing my super unflattering bathrobe from a million years ago.  the one that looks a leetle bit like this…

yep. not gonna win any fashion awards for this old lady robe. just one step away from the one my great-grandmother wears.

i dunno if you’ve guessed it or not, but i’m kiiiiind of a nerd.  i read every single night for at least an hour.  i have to.  it’s the only way to get my brain to stop listing all of the things that i have to do or should be doing (and sometimes listing random things that are just ridiculous, like: if Bix could pick a name, which one would he choose?).  so i read.  a lot.

and i would like to pretend that they’re smart kid books (and sometimes they are!  i promise!  it’s, just, ya know, been a while since i’ve read a smarty pants book).  but mostly they’re not.  mostly it’s a fantastical fiction, a mystery, and the occasional roooomance novel…ooooooo. for the most part, i just like something that is a bit whimsical so that i can kick back, relax, and flex my imagination.

which is great and good and super neat.  and i’m trying to get to the point.  the first point is this: after i finish a book, i always get a little sad.  i’m sad that i have to say goodbye to all of the characters i’ve met.  i’m sad that at the turn of the last page i have to say goodbye to the world that the author let me step into & create.  ugh.  i’m getting a little sad right now.  so at the turn of the last page, i have to immediately start a new book.  right.  away.  even if i only read a page.  it helps keep me from tearing up and being truly pathetic.

here is the second point:  the sequel to the book i finished isn’t out until july 10th.  which isn’t far off in reality, but is light years away from me being able to whip right into it & ward off the embarrassing weepies.

and here is the third and final point:  i don’t have another book on my list of “to reads”.  i don’t have a distraction from my literary goodbye.  and i’m waiting for not 1, not 2, but 3 books to come out from the various authors i read.

internet world, i need your help.  what books do you recommend?  what’s on your “favorite” list or your “to read” list?  what should i read next?!?!?!

the end.


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waiting rooms suck.  there’s just not an eloquent way to put it.  they’re horrible.  even at the fancier Dr’s office.  trust me, i know these things.  i just recently spent 4 hrs in one.


uncomfortable chairs.  stacks of old, non interesting magazines.  hushed conversations.  the one annoying loud talker.  bad coffee.  people moving…in the door, to the waiting room, summoned to the rooms beyond, back to the waiting room, out the door.


i went there for support.  my mom had to have a minor out-patient surgery.  she insisted i didn’t need to go…like she really had a choice.  mom in surgery?  you best believe i was going to be there.  i had to see with my own 2 eyes that she was ok.  and i had to report back to the other Blondes that i saw with my own 2 eyes that she was indeed ok.


we were the first ones there at 7:30am and proceeded to camp out in the prime location.  2nd row from the receptionist’s desk (and the magical door next to it).  there were some weird recliner type chairs & we totally snagged them.  i held down the fort when she had to go back.  and each time, the newcomers would give me the evil eye…for i clearly wasn’t sick.  i clearly didn’t need the recliner or the prime location.  but my mom did.  and i stared them down as they approached her vacant chair.


there were several different waves of people that came into the waiting room.  my favorite was the old man with this awesome cane.  he sung to his wife the 30 minutes they were there.  the most annoying was this real estate agent who was there with his father.  seriously, he needed to go outside for his phone conversations.  i didn’t give a rat’s ass about the 1,400 sq ft starter home he wanted to show his client…but at the volume he insisted on talking at, it was hard not to.  the most heartbreaking was the little old lady with a giant bandage on her nose.  she shuffled between the rows and whispered “oh, this is the walk of fame”.  no one was there with her, and i really wanted to ask her to sit by me.


i tried to nap.  i tried to read.  i caught up on the back issues of Glamour.  i tried to distract myself from being worried.  for 4 hours.  and you know what?  the recliner chairs…even though they looked like the better option…not all that comfortable, my friends.

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there is something quite delightful about hopping in the car, blasting some sweet tunes, and driving aimlessly.  i’ve been doing that a lot lately.  just grabbing my camera and going on a little excursion…stopping whenever something catches my eye.

on the drive home, the sunset was amazing (as only an Oklahoma sunset can be).  i thought i’d share my aimless road trip sunset with you…

and here’s the playlist that i was listening to at a loud volume…

  1. blue jeans {lana del rey}
  2. hero knows {we have band}
  3. feel it all around {washed out}
  4. young americans {david bowie}
  5. john, i’m only dancing {david bowie}
  6. sledgehammer {peter gabriel}
  7. 1940 (AmpLive Remix) {The Submarines}
  8. nightcall {kavinsky & lovefoxxx}
  9. booty bounce {dev}
  10. ni**as in paris {kanye west & jay z}
  11. gotta have it {kanye west & jay z}
  12. divisive {we have band}
  13. reset {mutemath}
  14. born to die {lana del rey}

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welp, another year is upon us my friends.  happy 2012!

so, naturally, the first post of the new year must be about resolutions.  new year’s resolutions to be exact.

instead of the normal “lose weight, drink less, be healthier” resolutions (which i am going to actually do this year dammit!), i want to think outside of the box a little.  mix it up a bit.  and if i post them to the world-wide web, maybe i’ll follow through.  so without further ado… ladies and gentlemen, i present to you my 2012 new year’s resolutions:

1) photo challenge

oooo, you know i love a good challenge!  Aa found a pretty neat-o creative writing challenge of 60 “inspiration” ideas.  so i thought to myself, “hey, self!  you could toooootes do that with photography!!”  and self replied, “you bet your ass i could!”  so yes.  i will take on this challenge.  i’ll post the specifics later on.

2) stress less

i tend to fixate on things, over analyze, dwell, and then stress out about tiny and unimportant details…shocker, i know.  this year, i will not do so.  i will really be a “go with the flow” person…instead of just pretending to be one while i internally freak out.  it will be difficult, but hopefully i can do this.

3) do more

more happy things.  more fun things.  more challenging things.  more blogging.  more non-shopping-related things for myself.  more just-because-i-was-thinking-of-you things for my friends.  more good things for the world in general. 

4) take pictures, just because i want to

not gonna lie, i have a rad camera.  and i have the photo editing tools just a click away on my computer.  but do i ever take pics of the good times when i’m out & about town?  nope.  and, on the rare occasion that i do, what do i use?  my phone’s camera.  that is lame.  i need to just take my camera with me (in a very protected, not gonna break it way, natch.) and just. take. fun. pictures.


so there you have it.  my 2012 list o’ resolutions.  it’s going to be a great year, friends.  a great year indeed.

and just because i thought this was rad…


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last weekend marked the end of my “everyone i know is getting married” year.  i had 6 of my closest friends get married.  and i was either in the wedding or photographed the wedding…or both.  now, that’s some 27 Dresses stuff right there.  for realz.


each wedding has been unique, has been special, has shown the beauty that Love brings to the world.  and i was able to witness it.  to capture it through the lens of my camera and save that moment for a rainy day.


on saturday, as i was hanging out around the perimeter & snapping pics of the ceremony, it really hit me.  man, i am lucky.  i am so freakin lucky.  i have such amazing people in my life.  my family, my friends, my acquaintances…they make my life better.  they make me a better person. 

yeah, life is sometimes prickly.  and things don’t and won’t always go my way.  there are times when i come home to a waterfall in my kitchen or Mr Bix decides to puke on my neck while i’m sleeping.  but at the end of the day, who really cares??  these instances, while annoying, are not what matter.

the people in my life are what matter.  and geez louise, i am the luckiest Meredith in the world.

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man, there have been many a changes in the good ole Casa de Meredith.  it’s like i literally blink and a day, week, or freakin month has passed by. 

no, not you Blink 182...


i mean, i know people say that time goes by faster when you get older.  but i’m only 28.  i don’t consider that old.  i consider that awesome.  guess time flies when you’re awesome and having fun, right?  right.

sooooo…let’s do a whirlwind recap on the past 2 months complete with photos…readysetgo…

    1. i finally cleaned my garage.  that was literally a hot mess.  but it’s beautimus and now holds 2 cars.

      so it's not prestine...but it's a whole lot better. trust.

    2. i turned 28.  which was really grand.  KK tried to throw me a surprise party, but i was being a brat and wouldn’t commit to going out for a night.  so i messed that one up.  dangit.  i’ve always wanted a surprise party too!  but i did make my friend Angry Santa let me share his bday party.  and the Porch Mice (an awesome band that my friend is in) played.  they gave me a shout out, but i missed it because i didn’t know that they had started playing & was hiding in the back room soaking up the air conditioning.  woopsie.  but their set was rocktastic, and there was tons of hanging out with friends, and many a pimm’s cup was consumed by yours truly.  so def a good bday in my book.
    3. i went to bermuda with the fam.  yes kids, be jealous.  cuz i am totes pulling the “i went to bermuda” dance right now.



    4. i have a fantabulous new roomie.  we’ll call him Aa.  so now it is no longer casa de Meredith…it’s casa de Aarodith.  it is the bees knees of casas.

      a super old pic of us, but we still look this amazing.

       having Aa as a roomate is the jam.  he’s hilarious.  he can beatbox like a freakin champ.  he’s thoughtful.  he loves my monster puppy & has given him a new middle name.  he has great style.  he has great music taste.  he listens to me when i whine and either gives me stellar advise or tells me to suck it up & be an adult when i need to be.  he likes to do the chores that i don’t like to do (and i like to do the chores he doesn’t).  he’ll wax poetically about the great music videos of the 90’s.  we have dance parties.  we abusively abbreviate words.  we watch 1G5Gs together every night.  really, the only problem is that i stay up way to late because we’re hanging out & having a blast.  so, yeah, other than sleep deprivation, i’d say that it is fantastico.

    5. speaking of clean garages & new roomie…the ole hacienda got a face lift as well.  although i loved my old home decor, i’ve had it that way for 6+ years.  so i decided new roommate deserves a new vibe to the house.  something breezy with a dash of bright.  and random things that are awesome.  so headed over to our local hardware store, bought a crap ton of paint, and had a painting party.  new curtains, new chandelier, new vibe.  i like to call it beach glam.  although there is not a beach in sight.  but whatevs.  i won’t let that tiny detail hold me back.  we painted a stone dog statue lime green.  i folded a billion paper cranes & made flowers out of magazines.  and (get ready for my moment of pride) we developed 23 of my photos to create  a photo-explosion wall.  i can’t decide on a favorite new item.  i love them all.  and i love that i got to decorate it with Aa.  he didn’t run screaming when i unleashed what i like to call “project meredith”.  she is a detail oriented, slightly obsessive freak.  here’s a peek at some of the stuff we repainted…

      don't be scurrred...the rest of my house i kept really neutral


    6. visitors are awesome.  i’ve had a few friends pop into town, and i love that.  Noodle came into town 2 weeks ago, and Annie Bee is coming into town tomorrow.  these are things that make my heart happy.  great friends and great times.

so yes.  that is all that i’ve been up to.  you know, besides the normal work work work and whatnot.  gotta love it.  oh!  and i’m getting new reading glasses.  which is super freakin rad.  because i love glasses.  if i could, i would have a million pairs of them.  unfortunately i don’t need them too much.  only when i’m staring at a computer (which is a lot) or reading (which i do that too).  but, you know, i just might rock ’em when i don’t really need them.  that’s how i roll.  living on the edge.

final thing, and then i swear i’m signing off for now & will return again.  dude, have you noticed the weather lately?  it’s like fall is here.  kinda.  i checked out my weather app & the rest of the week is under 100 degrees.  fall…soups…sweaters…boots…scarves…new glasses…oh my, i’m about to have a full on overload of wonderfulness! 

it's fall! jump for joy!!

 until next time…stay classy my friends.



ok kiddos, so it’s that time again.  that time where i say “hey, i’m going to be a healthier version of me”.  and then i talk about what i want to do and how i plan on being better.  hopefully, for all of you kids out there that are in a similar boat this is helpful.  for those of you that aren’t or that have no interest in this sort of blog post, suck it.  haha, kidding.  sort of.


so when you think about what all goes into being “a healthier version” there are a few key things one thinks about…food, physical activity, and general lifestyle. 


first up…food…

for the most part, i’ve been really good about this.  i’d say about 75% of the time i’ve been eating yummy, healthy good-for-me food.  in the past few months, i’ve drastically decreased my fast food intake.  and i’m slowly giving up my love affair with potatoes.  main problem for me is that when i cave, i cave big time.  so moderation, thou art a bitch.  so now i’m steppin up my game.  potatoes, it’s officially over.  doneski.  you don’t love me as much as i love you, and that ain’t cool.  i’m dating a new type of potato…his name is sweet potato.  and it’s really nothin serious, just a few dates every once in a while.  so booyah.  oh yeah, and when i do decide to kick it with a “bad for me” meal, “moderation” is my new middle name.



secondly…physical activity…

no more excuses.  i’m done with them.  they are dead to me. 

secretly, i want to be a runner & a cyclist.  like, in a big bad way.  i have no idea.  and i’m definitely not a runner.  at all.  except in my dreams.  but let’s face it, people who run look cool.  and they talk about this “zen” that they get from running.  and i want to be one of those people.  i want to look cool & be in a zen state while looking cool. 

see? doesn't that rando person look cool??

added bonus, working out is good for me.  and i am most def on the official hunt for an older men’s 10 speed…for when i wanna bike in a zippy, non leisurely manner.  but really, i just want to get off my ass & do something.  walk, run, jog, bike, disc golf, gym, whatevs.  so “getting off my ass and being active” is my new middle name.



lastly…general lifestyle….

get ready for this.  it’s kinda big.  i’m taking a zack morris time out from drinking.  yowza.  i don’t know for how long.  just for a while.  i don’t need those extra calories, i don’t need to drink to enjoy the company of my friends, and i don’t ever ever ever want to be a sad, schwastey pants almost 30 yr old.  i don’t plan to be a totes teetotaler forever, just for a bit.  cuz let’s face it, i’ve been a bit of a partier for a minute.  not on the alcoholic level, trust.  but my party tiara has seen quite a few parties.  so…for a while, my new middle name is “soda water, extra lime, hold the booze please”.




how do ya like that?  my new official name is Meredith Moderation Getting Off My Ass And Being Active Soda Water, Extra Lime, Hold the Booze Please Contrary. 

if you can say that whole name fast 5 times, then you deserve this high five


so, i will be updating you with this every so once in a while.  i plan on rocking it.


ok, ok, ok…so while all fo the above is 100% true, and a big part of the reason why i’m starting this, i must admit something.  i tried to sneak past this reason, but, well, you lovely readers have been with me for a little over a year and i just can’t lie to you.  so here was the real motivator for starting all of this.  are you ready?

*sigh* i want these real bad

BAM!  yes, i really really really want to rock these overalls this summer.  i know, it’s a little “tooooooralooooratooooralooooralie! c’mon eileen!” but i don’t give a flying fuck.  i want to rock overalls all effin summer long.  only problem is, if you do the math… fat bank + overalls = faux FUPA.  and while i can rock a fat bank like no one’s business, i absolutely REFUSE to rock a FUPA.  especially if it’s not a real one, just an illusion.  so yes, the main inspiration is materialistic.  but hey, all of the other reasons and benefits are good ones. 

and the main point is that i’m going to do something about it.  so there you go.