Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




how ya like that for alliteration?!  hello, my lovely blog…it has been some time since we’ve hung out.  and i do apologize…things have, well, been crazy pants to say the least.  so here’s all the new stuff that’s going on…



currently, i am waging a war with a very stubborn cold.  in the top 1o things that Meredith is Bad At, i’d say being sick is definitely up there.  i know that no one is really “good” at being sick…but i am horrible at it.  absolutely horrible.  first of all, i am not one of those people who looks cute in that “awe, you’re feeling bad?  here…let me take care of you” way.  i do not inspire anyone’s nurturing instinct to kick in.   you know what i mean?  like when you see someone who looks like a little wounded bird when they’re sick and makes you want to perhaps make them a pallet on the sofa or make them home-made potato soup or go to the video store and rent them their favorite childhood movies like The Princess Bride or the Labyrinth (which are my favoritest childhood movies btw…just sayin). 

awe, aren't they just perfect looking?

nope, not me.  when i’m sick, i’m a freakin snot monster.  i make a horrible face when i sneeze or cough.  and i lie on the sofa (watching really really horrible tv…like all the CW shows style…yes, even the new hit series Hellcats with the Tisdale and some other ex disney girl) and moan to myself about how sick i am.  it’s very pathetic, i know.

and to make matters worse, i refuse to slow down.  other than the 2 days that i was really horribly sick and felt like i was 100% snot monster and 0% human.  or take cold medicine (makes me even more loopy than i already am naturally).  or even go to the doctor.  the last bit is because i don’t have a doctor, my favorite clinic place stopped taking blue cross/blue shield (who does that?!), and when i went to a new place last time i was sick it was the worst experience i’ve ever had.  so really, i just like to drag out my illness in a most childlike manner to where everyone gets the privilege of hearing me sniff up all the snot that is compacted in my sinus cavity and cough like an old lady for days upon days.  you’re welcome, world.  not only for the mental image of that, but also the real life demonstration.  you are welcome.



2nd little tidbit of joy was The Black Keys concert…it was fan.tas.tic.  a rockin good time indeed.

they were amazing. amazing indeed.

i went with my favorite concert couple, The Ax and The Pied Piper, which just sets the stage for awesomeness.  unfortunately KK couldn’t join as planned (dang you, photo editing & album creatin palooza!!) but the lovely Gertie Gert stepped up to the plate and filled in for her.  it was an evening of friends, beers, and high quality jams.  i danced my ass off at the show, much to the annoyance of people around me.  but did i care one bit?  nope.  i just danced.  and sang along.  and perhaps harrassed a dude that was standing next to me.  hey, he looked super mad about being there…he wasn’t even tapping his toe!  i had to make sure that he appreciated the amazingness that was happening right in front of his face and ears! 




3rd on the list is the Great Kitchen Remodel ‘010.  no, not my kitchen…i spend so little time in there that it’s not even worth it.  for all i know, it’s like the 2nd entrance into Narnia or something.

i’m talkin about KK’s Great Kitchen Remodel.  and that is a kitchen that i care about and need on a daily basis.  where else would i get my home cooked meals?

KK’s friend (and my friend too!) Arf is in town from Nashville.  and he is a world-class magician when it comes to the remodel.  he’s stripped that room down to the bare bones, lifted the foundation, torn down walls, and is now in the process of putting it back together in a clean, updated, new-and-improved way.  i first met Arf about a year ago.  and at first, i was kind of intimidated…he’s kind of an intimidating dude.  but there is no need to be scared.  he’s awesome.  and his wife is awesome.  and their tiny baby is awesome (just don’t try to mess with her while she’s sleeping or you will indeed be scared of Arf).  and they have an awesome house, in case you were wondering.

seeing the transformation of the kitchen has been really interesting.  i’m totally fascinated by the process of tearing out everything to completely rebuild it.  and, i’ve determined, that i kinda want to be Arf.  well, not literally be Arf, but i would like to be Arf-esque.  he know’s stuff about stuff.  and he knows how to do all of this really rad stuff.  and he has kick ass tools, that he actually knows how to use to do the rad stuff.  and he has a cool tool belt, that holds all of the kick ass tools that he uses to do the rad stuff. 

it's like the freakin batman belt...only with handyman stuff.

maybe i’ll start watching This Old House and become a tool wielding Arfette.

ok, so maybe not really….




lastly, have you heard about oklahoma’s latest seismic activity?  that’s right.  an earthquake rippled throughout central oklahoma. 

me, i was tryin to get my sleep-in zzz’s when mr bix started to go ballistic and the walls started to rattle.  at first i thought maybe it was the construction that’s been going on around the condo lately.  but when it started to shake the whole house, i freaked out.  could it be an earthquake?  in oklahoma?  what the crap?  so i checked the FB status updates on my phone.  and whuddya know…a 4.5 earthquake rocked all the way from norman up to edmond and beyond.  well, crap.  what do i do?  i don’t know earthquake safety!  tornados…got that one down…but earthquakes?!?!

i just told mr bix to dial it down and went back to sleep.  now, this is not the best earthquake safety.  in an effort to educate myself for a future earthquake event, i took to the world wide web to see what you’re supposed to do.  well, that has just confused me more…there’s lots of conflicting info out there, my friends.

some say get under a door frame, others say don’t.

some say get near an external corner, others say internal.

one website wanted to sell me an “earthquake kit” for $99.  complete with water, duct tape, a tent, and a snap-on toilet seat.   which, you know, is really vital when an earthquake hits…toilet seats apparently  sky-rocket off of all toilets.

oh well.  in the event of a future earthquake, maybe i’ll be lucky enough to sorta-sleep through the next one too.




final thought…check out my photoblog ( …i put some new stuff up.  still not 100% the way i want the new blog to look, but it’s gettin there.