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waiting rooms suck.  there’s just not an eloquent way to put it.  they’re horrible.  even at the fancier Dr’s office.  trust me, i know these things.  i just recently spent 4 hrs in one.


uncomfortable chairs.  stacks of old, non interesting magazines.  hushed conversations.  the one annoying loud talker.  bad coffee.  people moving…in the door, to the waiting room, summoned to the rooms beyond, back to the waiting room, out the door.


i went there for support.  my mom had to have a minor out-patient surgery.  she insisted i didn’t need to go…like she really had a choice.  mom in surgery?  you best believe i was going to be there.  i had to see with my own 2 eyes that she was ok.  and i had to report back to the other Blondes that i saw with my own 2 eyes that she was indeed ok.


we were the first ones there at 7:30am and proceeded to camp out in the prime location.  2nd row from the receptionist’s desk (and the magical door next to it).  there were some weird recliner type chairs & we totally snagged them.  i held down the fort when she had to go back.  and each time, the newcomers would give me the evil eye…for i clearly wasn’t sick.  i clearly didn’t need the recliner or the prime location.  but my mom did.  and i stared them down as they approached her vacant chair.


there were several different waves of people that came into the waiting room.  my favorite was the old man with this awesome cane.  he sung to his wife the 30 minutes they were there.  the most annoying was this real estate agent who was there with his father.  seriously, he needed to go outside for his phone conversations.  i didn’t give a rat’s ass about the 1,400 sq ft starter home he wanted to show his client…but at the volume he insisted on talking at, it was hard not to.  the most heartbreaking was the little old lady with a giant bandage on her nose.  she shuffled between the rows and whispered “oh, this is the walk of fame”.  no one was there with her, and i really wanted to ask her to sit by me.


i tried to nap.  i tried to read.  i caught up on the back issues of Glamour.  i tried to distract myself from being worried.  for 4 hours.  and you know what?  the recliner chairs…even though they looked like the better option…not all that comfortable, my friends.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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