Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




update tiiiiiiiiime!  yay!

are you soooooo excited?  do you loooooooove dragging out your vowels like i do?  you better believe it.

let’s just dive right into it, shall we?

good news, i’m still doing well on the “soda water, extra lime, hold the booze please” part of my new middle name…ish.  in fact, i made it 3 week…ish.

now, i was hoping to make it a whole month.  but i did have to take just a quick jump off ye ole wagon.  at first i was kinda bummed.  but then i analyzed the situation & determined it was worthy of said jump. 

i mean, i had a 1st date people.  how am i not going to have a beer to calm the nerves of a first date?!  if i hadn’t, then i woulda been even more of a rambling nervous wreck with an attack of the blushing tomato than i already am.  and that does not make a good 1st impression.  not one bit.

and then there was champagne sunday.  which, admittedly, i did dust off the party tiara for a bit.  but it was worth it…how’re you going to say no to champagne sunday??  it’s so classy!  and it’s sunday!  the day that most people refer to as “sunday FUNday”!  it just had to happen.  i’d already passed on 3 sunday fundays.  if i missed one more, my sunday funday spirit might have suffered.  and i can’t have that happening.

but i’m kinda back on the wagon. 

i've decided not to drive it, ole santa is doin a pretty good job. but maybe i'll sit 2nd row.

 i’m going to allow myself a bevie every once in a while.  but, surprisingly, not drinking is not as difficult as i thought it would be.  so i’m going to try and be good and not drink about 85% of the time.  i think that’s realistic.

i mean, really…it’s been pretty easy indeed.  my friends have been super amazingly supportive (of course, they are my friends after all), and i even got a CouldntBee to join the ranks.  i thought that being among drinkers would be hard…that i’d be grumpy pants and a bitter critter all wrapped up in a sober shell.  luckily, this has not been the case…i get a little loopy & have a faux alchy buzz.  which is nice.  although, i will admit that i cannot hang until 1am.  by 11pm, i’m ready to head home and crawl into bed with a good book.  really, though, i owe a lot of credit to my one true booze-free love.  topo chico…

seriously...i love this drink

i love it so much, that i need to write a love letter to it real quick…

dear topo chico,

i cannot begin to express my love for you.  you have been there through many a dinner party…faithfully staying in my hand and warding off the temptation of that makers on the rocks.  you are sparkling and have a really neat bottle that makes me forget you are not a newcastle.  you are just truly delightful.

love always,


ok ok, so that was a really shitty love letter.  i’ve never written one, so pump yo’ breaks before you criticize.  plus, it’s a bottle of mineral water…it can’t read.  so there!

but yes, i’ve been rockin it in the non drinking department.  for the most part, that is.

now on to the super fun & exciting portion of today’s blog…the part where i talk about my adventures as a fledgling runner. 


i’m really loving it.  i’ve been doing the couch to 5K thing.  and the weather, with the exception of this dreary week,  has been so effing delightful lately that i just can’t wait to get home from work, lace up my running kicks, and hit the street.  i found a nice, cheap, digital watch w/ stop watch feature.  and i invested in a lime green ipod shuffle (my old clunker of an ipod just ain’t good for the run…but it still works so i can’t fully retire it).  so come 7pm, i’m a runnin fool.  ok, ok…more like a walk/jog fool.  but hey, i gotta start somewhere! 

at first, i thought that i would die.  i’m old.  i’m out of shape.  and i’m trying to run.  all of that does not sound like it should go together. 

hey, if this guy can run...then so can i!

but, you know what?  it’s not all that bad.  and i’m not all that horrible at it. 

now if only the sun would come out again…because running in the cold sucks.  and i don’t want to go to the gym & run on a treadmill.  that is not nearly as delightful as running outside. no sirree…not one bit.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

3 thoughts on “RUN, MERRY, RUN!

  1. This is great news! go go go!

  2. So proud of you woman and I want to try your new drinky-poo! I ja’dore your bitchface!

  3. You rock! I am so excited about these new developments. Can’t wait to introduce you to the joys of weightlifting tomorrow!

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