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1/5/11, i officially love you.  seriously.  i do.  big, whole heartedly love you.  in fact, i’m on quite the 5 day love affair with ‘011.

have you ever had one of those days where it just seems like everything is going your way?  the radio plays only killer jams…better yet, when i put the ipod on shuffle it somehow magically knows exactly the song i want to hear (when normally i spend a good 2/3 of my time skipping songs that i have no idea how they made it on my ipod in the first place).  and taking a quick stroll outside?  it seems like the whole world is just in sync…like there is a magical band leader that puts everything in the right beat, and all i have to do is take a step to have the song start.

yes.  this is the past 5 days.  it’s like some teeny bopper movie dance coordinator just popped into my life and orchestrated magic dance scenes.  all day long.  and i seriously, seriously, seriously could get used to this.  did i mention seriously?  because, seriously.  i could.

i mean, creatively i’m feeling like i’m getting the swing of things.  i’m feeling less like a bumbling idiot who loves photography & occasionally can snap a good pic here and there.  instead, i’m feeling like i’m actually capturing the images i see in my mind and making them reality.  through the magic of my lens & the marvelousness of photoshop, i am creating a visual voice.  it’s not perfected…by no means am i near the majesticness that is KK.  but i’m starting to develop something.  and i like it.  a lot.  in fact, i’m so in love with this image i can hardly stand it…

work wise?  well, i have finally been able to take off the blinders that is holiday season in retail.  from november to early january, all us retailees can think about is surviving, making it through the endless line of customers and long hours.  but today, after a very productive meeting, i was able to glance up.  i was able to see where my team & company has been, where we are, and take the moment to see where we’re going.  i’m going through a leadership transition.  i was nervous, i was missing my old leader.  but today, i am hopeful.  i am inspired.  and i am ready to rock and roll.  the little engine that could (aka my store) is about to bloom into the little store that does.  oh, there will be bumps and challenges along the way.  but i know we can do it.  and we will, because that’s what we do.

which brings us to the final part of my world…family and friends.  honestly, i’m so lucky.  i have the best family in the world.  i really do.  The Blondes, the dad’s family, my brothers…yeesh.  they’re just so rad that i am literally at a loss for words (hard to imagine, i’m sure).  i have the best friends in the world.  and they continue to surprise & delight me with how straight up rocktastic they are.  and a few new peeps have been added to the mix of old school homies (hogie…this is your first official bloggity blog shout out…) which is just fucking awesome.  seriously.  how lucky am i? 

oh! oh!  and the blog!  i have finally revamped it.  i was seriously stressin about it.  i know it sounds silly, but i was.  i mean, this thing has come to be like my kid.  i was worried that it wouldn’t pass 1st grade.  but i finally came up with a new “theme”…and it doesn’t involve a battle of wits  with an entire 365 days.  nope.  not this time.  so then i had to metaphorically organize the “new and improved” bloggity blog-ness.  which makes me so happy.  it was like a giant closet that exploded into a mass of chaos (ok, just like my real closet…the one upstairs that is mocking me as i type with its disorganization)…

i wish i could say this didn't resemble my closet...but...well it does...times 2. damn you guest room closet!

and then i totes made it my bitch.  a new, freshly organized, and revamped blog.  yep, that’s what i’m starting the year off with.

so.  kids.  i’m quite literally bouncing off of the walls.  i’m so full of positive, sunshiny rays of joy that i doubt i will be able to sleep tonight.  i’m making plans, listening to lots of great music, and getting very excited about this whole, brand spankin new year ahead of me. 

let the good times roll.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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