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holy bananas.  it’s a new freakin year.  i survived ‘010!  i really did!!  had a few bumps and bruises on the way, and a lot of amazingness in-between.  so here’s (belated) well wishes to ya…

and by now, the festivities are well over.  the house party at KKs house was delightfully stupendous, as it has been for the past 3 years.  there were hats, beers, a yummy chicken enchilada soup that yours truly made, champagne, party poppers, noise makers, a bonfire, high kicks, and friends in abundance.

and by now, all of the glitz and sparkle of New Year’s Eve festivities has settled

and the recycling people are hard at work all around the city (i hope you recycled!  save the planet and whatnot!)

and by now, everyone is probably beginning their New Year’s Resolution list.  you know, the one most people (like me) are dreading.  the one that goes “i’m going to lose [fill in the blank] lbs”, and “i’m going to stop [fill in the blank]” and “i’m going to start [fill in the blank]” lists.


i started a list.  a good intentioned list.  one full of awesome things that i’m just going to kick ass at.  dude, this list was killer.  like:

  • i’m going to totally work out.  like all the time (again).
  • i’m going to stop eating like shit (again).
  • i’m going to be very very very good with my money.  i’m even going to start a savings account…one that i don’t dip into when i see that super-fabulous-i-must-have-it-right-this-second dress/shoes/sweater/hat
  • i’m going to keep an impeccably clean house
  • i’m going to cook!  and cook fancy pants things!
  • i’m going to become a disc golf b’dass
  • i’m going to go to sleep before 11:30pm on a regular basis
  • i’m going to run a marathon
  • i’m going to learn how to change my own oil in my car
  • i’m going to give back to my community
  • i’m actually going to meet my neighbors (it’s only been 3+ years, might as well say hi)
  • i’m going to check my mail on a daily basis
  • i’m going to play the upright bass again
  • i’m going to cure world hunger
  • i’m going to
  • i’m going to
  • i’m going to

just cross out the "2009" and make it "2011"...half my resolutions are carried over from that long ago anyway

ugh.  new year’s resolutions.  such a pain in my ass.  i know half of it i’m going to forget in about…mmm…maybe 3 months?  ok, who am i kidding, in like 1 month.  ok Ok OK…i’ve already forgotten half of them.

so i’ve made that list.  i’ve tried to cut it down to the actual ones that i want to follow up on.  but who knows what ‘011 will have in store for me?  if anything, i’ve learned that i cannot know for certain how things will end up.  ‘010 started off a cruel bitch of a year, got better, had a few dips, but ultimately wound up being a pretty ok-ish great year (just don’t tell it i said that!)

so.  i’m going to crumple up that giant list i made.  that’s right.  i’m going to just make one, giant goal for this New Year’s Resolution.  and that goal is to LAUGH.  a lot.  unapologetically.  loudly.  borderline obnoxiously.  and very very often.

because this year, i’m not going to set any big great expectations.  the only thing i’m going to do is have fun, and enjoy being a Meredith in this big crazy world.

see? i'm already having a blast in my green plaid giant shirt!


 i’m going have a blasty blast in ‘011.  that’s a fact, jack.

hopefully you will too.  Happy New Year, my friends.  it’s going to be rocktastic.

oh, and what the crap am i going to rename the blog?!?!?


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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