Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?



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well well well, only 4 days left in this year i like to call ‘010.  it seemed like forever ago that i started this little blog as a literary “EFF YOU” to ‘010.  and then it evolved into something much more lovely.  like a rainbow of sorts that has led me to the pot of gold after the end of a rainstorm. *sniff sniff*  sorry kids, i’m gettin a little emotional.

ok, back on track.

so…how’d the year stack up?

in ‘010s bitchy corner there are 25 blogs, with such great hits as

1) the billion snow storm & ice paloozas

2) the car crash that killed kenny (although i was JUST SITTING at a stoplight!!)

3) charles henrie’s passing (may he be frolicking in a place with no grass allergies)

4) the hideous Swamp Thing meets Elvira hair fiasco

5) failed experiments #1 and #2

HOWEVER the victory category (me!) has a whopping 32 blogs.

at this point in time, i am very tempted to run around the room doing a victory lap…but i don’t want to jinx myself.  that would not be good.  nope, not one bit.  and, i have 1st hand knowledge that ‘010 can be a tricksy, meddlesome, no good witch.  so i will not rattle the cage to see what the bear does.  instead, i will just reflect on the bright shinning moments of this year and give some shout outs…

shout out #1 goes to friends and family:  you’re all amazing and awesome and i love you all to pieces.  without y’all, i would’ve been stuck in suckiness

shout out #2 goes to the aquiring of Thelma (my beautiful canon 5d mark ii), my Emmaline Jelly Bean (vintage bike extraordinaire), and my brand spankin new iPad.

shout out #3 goes to Project 2010 Hugs…while i did not complete this project (oh busy life, you got in the way), i will just say that i enjoyed you very much.

shout out #4 goes to all of the good times, the great times, and the über great times.  you were…um…great?  yes, great indeed.

so here’s to the last 4 days.  i’m going to try my bestest to make them as amazing as i can. 

kisses and hugs, ‘010.


merry merry quite contrary.


p.s.  i realize that in 4 days i will need to change the name of my blog…’01o will be over with and it’s just silly to keep it.  soooooo…suggestions are appreciated!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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