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oh how i love a good  challenge.

i’m really quite awesome at coming up with an idea, one that seems to be easy but then turns into something very very difficult.  and me, i’m not so great at compromising.  i can’t just say: “well, i don’t think this is going to turn out exactly the way i want it to…maybe i’ll just alter it a little because this will work just fine”.  oh no, not me.  instead i shake my fist and yell “challenge?!?!  you dare to defy me?!  i WILL find [fill in the blank] and it will be RAD!!!  just you wait!!”

watch out buddy!

currently, i have several challenges going on.  and i will win.  oh yes, i will totally win.  even if it takes me all year.  but it won’t.  because both of them have due dates.  so i must complete them in a timely fashion.

CHALLENGE NUMERO UNO:  finding a love-seat.

i am desperately seeking a love seat.  not for my house, for a photo shoot that i want to do.  and i don’t want just any couch.  i have a specific style that i’m thinking of.  one that has a vintage vibe, but with sleek lines.  one with a cool pattern, but isn’t overbearing and too loud.  i want it to be big enough that it isn’t too dainty, but small enough that it’s easily portable.

a little something like this...only maybe in a more muted green

oh, and i want to pay less than $100 for it.


see?  doesn’t that sound like it would be super easy to find??

ok, so maybe not that easy…it is incredibly specific.  i’ll admit that.  but you’d think someone out there would have one just waiting for a meredith to purchase an awesome, vintage-vibe couch with clean lines and an interesting but not overpowering pattern for under $100!  so far craigslist is only offering up frumpy, beat up nasty couches and the antique stores are only dealing in over priced ugly (and not in a cool way) sofas.


but i haven’t given up yet.  i will find the love seat of my dreams.  and all will be well in the world.



CHALLENGE NUMBER 2:  project “hats”

oh, project “hats”.  you make my heart sing.  and are also the biggest thorn in my holiday side.


i’m doing this photo project, which will be AMAZING when it is completed.  it involves some of my grandmother & grandfather’s vintage hats.  and it involves my family members wearing said hats.  and it involves me photographing said family members wearing said hats.

and i have 2 of the pieces available…the hats and the photographer (me).  only problem is hunting down my family members.


they are all totally all about helping.  and posing for the pictures (don’t want you to think they’re being meanie pants, because they definitely are not meanie pants.  my family is awesome pants).  however, we all have crazy hectic schedules.  and trying to align them has been as difficult as trying to align the stars with my bare hands (i did this once in ’72…i’ll do it again in ‘010!…ok, so i didn’t really.  but only because i didn’t exist in ’72.  but if i was alive, i totes would have.)


for this challenge, i have exactly 10 days.  10 days to find Lil M, Ashmatash, Coop, Hayden, and my uncle.  can i do this?  you better believe it!  i will totes camp out on their doorstep until they come home. 

maybe i'll buy this to help while i camp's a tent AND a rain coat! GENIUS!!


so i’m ready for the challenges.  i think i can totally win.  i am dedicated, persistent, and willing to be obnoxious in my pursuit of sofa & pics.


but if you hear of a cool sofa, lemme know.  and if you run into one of my family members, let them know that they need to come home soon…i’m camped out on their doorstep & it’s starting to get very cold & mr bix misses me (and i miss him).  unfortunately, there’s no rain so my tent/rain coat is just kind of pointless.