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yep, that’s right everyone…i had a date last night. 



he was funny, he was polite (knows how to say please and thank you), super cute, he shared well, was a great dancer, has the best laugh, is a snazzy dresser, and (best of all!) he slept through the night!


umm…wait a minute…did i mention that it was a “date” with Cohcoh?  one of my favoritest 3 yr olds in the whole wide world and pretend nephew extraordinaire? 


hangin out in the kitchen, wearing a fancy hat...because Cohcoh is fancy like that!

did you really think i had a hot date?  c’mon now, you know better than that! 


although, it was a fantastic date.  and i loved the chance to just kick it, me & cohcoh style.  we had a delish dinner at the olive garden, where he played with his “men” and did puzzles (which he is a master at the puzzles…such a smart guy!).  then it was movie time, Happy Feet…which turned into us having a happy feet dance party.  after the movie, we had to get some reading time in there.  i can’t just let the kid watch movies & eat ice cream trucks (ice cream in cohcoh speak) all night!  so we read a few books(where the wild things are, goodnight moon, and barnyard dance), and then read them each a few more times for good measure.  Finally that little guy just had too much partying and fell asleep.  he only woke up once, kinda grumbled that he wanted his mom.  to which i replied “we’ll see her in the morning, go back to sleep buddy”.  and he did.  which was awesome because i totes didn’t think that would work.


this morning i woke up to him patting my cheek saying “meremere!  wake up!  bix licked me in the face!  watch penguin movie?”


so, yup… a perfect evening with one of my favoritest people in the world.  and we didn’t accidentally burn the house down, no broken bones or blood, no tears of any sort.  just 100% awesomeness.  which is just the way i like it!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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