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is it really almost october?  like, october is really going to happen next week?  because i feel like september just started a day ago.  how can i blink and a whole month be gone?  did someone kick on a time accelerator or something and forget to tell me?  and why do i never get these memos…first gravity was increased and now time is sped up…i need to get on that mailing list stat.


things have just been insanity lately.  in a good way.  in a “busy bee” way.  and goodness knows i love to stay busy…there is nothing more boring than being bored.  between work, bicycle riding, work, photography, friends, family, working out, and work the days have melted into weeks and now almost into a month.  did you know that i have like 2 weeks worth of stuff on my DVR that hasn’t even been viewed?!  i have ben a busy bee indeed.

ok, so i did take the time to make a picture of a busy bee...guess i wasnt' all that busy today

take this weekend, for example.  friday, i was off of work but i shot a wedding with KK.  then yesterday i had to open the booth at the fair, left the state fair and headed up to the northside to be apart of Megan’s Wedding Dress Shopping support team (her dress is disgustingly beautiful, btw…she is going to look gorgeois!), seconds away from my destination i realized that i forgot to pick up the deposit from the state fair so i had to turn around, then scramble back up to the northside, then pick up mr bix from mom’s, shower & change, then go out for the Ax’s Farewell party at mcnellies. 


whew.  it was a great day though.  just packed full of events.  few side comments about the state fair…


the state fair.  oh me, oh my.  it was excellent mullet hunting this year.  i saw a skullet, a femme mullet, a child mullet, and a whole freakin family of mullets complete with dirty overalls.  here’s an example of a fabulous mullet…

it's a "silver fox" mullet

 i also talked with a travelling carnival worker who told me that he travelled all of the 52 states.  hmm…interesting…did we add 2 states?  did i miss this too?

it was also kinda sad…i did not get to enjoy my favorite fair-time treat of corn on the cob drenched in butter.  i simply did not have time to find the right booth.  but oh well.  i did have a delish cup of Dippin Dots: ice cream of the future.  but one of my fellow fair-ites did bring up a good point: they’ve been “ice cream of the future” for a while now.  how futuristic are the really?  i told him not to speak such profanity…Dippin Dots were so far ahead of the future that we’re just now catching up.  i mean, c’mon!!  they are tiny little dots of ice cream in different flavors that meld together to create a “banana split”.  that is future enough for me.


ok, enough of the fair talk. 


in other news, miss emmaline jelly bean has a flat tire. 

it was very very sad.  Gordy and I had biked up to mcnellies for a frosty bev and a burger.  it was nice to take a leisurely ride on my favoritest of bicycles.  but when we got done with mcnellies time, and unlocked the bikes from the rail i noticed an odd noise.  i looked down.  and her tire was flat.  flat flat flat.  no chance of temporary revival for the ride home.  i almost cried. 

kid, i know exaclty how ya feel.

the ride back is the best part!  it’s pretty much all down hill (and there is one hill in particular that is straight up awesome), it’s nice and breezy and moonlighty, and i’m just sliiiiightly tipsy so everything seems crisp and new and extra fun.  but alas.  i had to miss this part.  i had to call KK to see if she’d come back and pick me and emmaline jelly bean up.  luckily, she is a fantastic Knight in Shining Armor.  Thanks, KK for saving us.  now i just gotta take my leisurely lady into the bicycle dr to get her patched up.  poor emmaline jelly bean.


i also think i might get a 2nd bicycle.  like an older men’s 10 speed road bike.  not to replace miss emmaline jelly bean…never that.  just to give me a speedier option for those longer rides (especially ones with lots of hills!).  i borrowed an awesome one from Ldawg when i was down in dallas.  i felt pretty b’dass while riding.  see…i neeed two bikes.  i really do.  emmaline jelly bean for when i’m feeling dainty and leisurely.  then the other one for when i’m feelin like being speedy and b’dass and havin lots of ‘tude.  only problem is that all the awesome ones i find are for people who are 6’ or taller.  and, well, those don’t really work for someone who’s 5’6″.  so i’ll keep perusing craigslist…and if ya know of any rad men’s 10 speed that’s looking for a good owner, lemme know.


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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