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ok, seriously…how cool would it be to live in a treehouse?  i don’t mean like the kind that you had as a kid.  i’m talkin about a tricked out treehouse.  one with indoor plumbing and spectacular tree top views.

the answer: very.


i know i’m the queen of random.  but there really was a train of thought that got me to this new fascination with arboreal dwellings.


here’s how it went…the other night i stayed at the Colcord with KK.  she had booked a suite for a photo shoot and had the hotel room for the night.  so of course we had to have a fancy pants evening at the Colcord.  Gordy and even the Unicorn (that’s you SC-W!  you’re elusive like a unicorn.  and pretty too.  when you’re not being a pain in my ass!  haha, love ya chicky) joined for a decadent dinner at La Baguette (the one in the Colcord). 


good golly miss molly, that dinner was f to the d.  freakin delish.  it’s been a while since i’ve thrown my food budget to the wind and ponied up the big bucks for a filet mignon.  but i did.  and it was so worth it.  oh!  and we had oysters too…i’ve never in my life had them before.  must say, i am a fan. 

not the best pic, but ya get the idea.


ok, back on track…

so brimsy and i were talking about the nicer hotels that we’ve stayed in.  which made me bring up Hotel Zaza in Dallas TX and how i liked how they had “themes” that were executed exquisitely.  which brimsy then brought up his friend’s hotel im Mississippi (man, i love spelling Mississippi!).  which then made me think of when i stayed at Biras Creek with the fam.  which then made me think of costa rica.  which then made me think of how they had a hotel that had treehouse suites.  which then made me google ‘treehouse hotels’. 


so, there you have it.  i am now obsessed with the idea of staying in a treehouse.  here are a few super cool hotels i found…

first up, Tsala Treetop Lodge, which is in South Africa just between Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.

this is the Tsala Treetop Lodge

check out the freakin bathtub…and yes, this is all in the treetop.  insanity.

are you kidding me? seriously?!


the next place i found is also ridic.  it’s in South China.  i couldn’t find any pics of the rooms, but just look at this treehouse?  it looks awesome.

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse


unfortunately, i will not be traveling to South Africa or southern China anytime soon.  but, i’m still in a world of fascination with the whole treehouse thing.  so i looked up some pics of crazy awesome tree houses.  i am a slacker of a researcher though, and have zero clue where these magnificent tree houses reside.  but oh well…here they are anyway…

not only is it a treehouse, but it's ALSO a sphere. uber cool.

and a little more traditional…

i love love love the interior of this. so rad.



now i have to find a big tree that can hold up my treehouse.  and someone to build it for me, cuz if i was left to build it that shit would fall apart in 2 seconds.  oh, not to mention the money to pay for it.  and, let’s be honest, i have to get over my little-more-than-slight discomfort with heights. 

but hey, it could happen…right?  party at the treehouse!  i’ll send out the invitations in, like, well, hmm….


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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