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as i previously posted, i have decided to start working out at the conveniently located YMCA before i go in to work.  i’ve been pretty good about this…not stellar…but for a first week (and one that was banana-crazy pants), my attendance was acceptable.  i made it there 2 times.  ok, so that’s really kinda horrible attendance…but it was more times than i’ve been in the past 2 months so i’ll let it slide.


in those 2 work outs, i have learned and observed quite a bit.  and i thought i’d share.  here we go…. 


1) shower shoes 

it’s been a long while since i’ve used a community shower…since my sophomore year of college and the *gasp!* sorority house to be exact.  i had packed my shower kit…travel size shampoo and conditioner, check.  travel size soap (from the hotel zaza in dallas, tre chic!), check.  travel size face wash, check.  cute travel case to transport all the travel sized stuff, check.  after my work out, i went to the shower room, claimed my little stall and got ready to rinse off the sweat.  i was shampooing my hair and was looking down at my feet.  then i glanced to the left and i could see the person in the stall next to me’s feet under the stall divider.   

cue up the song: “one of these things is not like the other…” 

i was missing my flip flops!  ack!  i’m going to get athlete’s foot!  or feet!  or something!  and then i felt nervous that people would notice that i didn’t have on shower shoes and would think that i was spreading athlete’s foot!  ack.  dangit.  how could i have forgotten about them?!? 

they actually have shower shoes you can buy...but i don't think i'll be rockin this particular style



i remembered to pack my older pair of flip flops for the next gym visit.  i felt much better about the shower situation. 


2)  slow lane is the right lane 

there is a walking/running track that goes around all the exercise equipment.  the edmond Y is set up a little different from the one i’m used to, you actually go up stairs and then *BAM!* there’s the walking/running track that you have to cross to get to the island of torture…er…i mean exercise equipment.   

so first day, i’m walking up…still pretty groggy due to the early hour, and not expecting this track thing.  i almost collided with a fast walkin 80 yr old.  he was clad in a track suit and zooming around the track like a wrinkled blur.  i just barely stepped back off the track before he slammed into me. 

ok, ok…so that’s a total lie.  he was a few feet away, and i saw him approaching.  i did the whole “do i cross or don’t i cross” dance, then took 2 quick, determined strides across.  there was no chance of really running into him.  but it woulda been funny if it did.  but he was indeed wearing a track suit.  it was red, in case you were wondering. 

i spent the next 40 minutes watching the old man and another lady walk around the track.  when the old man would approach the lady (she was going at a leisurely pace and this old dude was bookin it), he’d yell out “on your left!”.  it helped pass the time. 


3)  closed captioning is not always accurate 

i really feel for the people that have to rely on closed captioning.  i really really do.  in the 40 minutes i was there, i counted 17 mistakes.  17.  it drove me crazy.  i can’t stand grammatical errors and people using the wrong word (like the “there, their and they’re”).  on the plus side, it did distract me from actually having to watch the Today Show.  that show is horrible.  seriously, it’s just awful.   



 sidenote: i do acknowledge that i do not properly capitalize my words on this blog, and that i use both incomplete sentences as well as run-on sentences.  however, i’m not trying to accurately depict what is being said on the tv.  so there!  

4)  8am is the “golden oldies” hour 

wowza.  i think there were maybe, maybe 3 people at the gym that were around my age.  mostly, it was way older ladies and gents.  my guess is that the median age was around 67, with a few soccer moms sprinkled here and there. 


which is totally fine with me…i don’t really want to be sweatin away at the über (embarrassingly slow because i’m so out of shape) speed of 3.7 on the treadmill next to some divinely handsome eligible man.  or next to one of the obnoxiously perfect gym princesses (who are looking to catch the eye of the divinely handsome eligible man) in her head-to-toe matching spandex and full makeup. 

when i go to the gym, i’m there to work out.  i’m in a well aged t-shirt (good thing i saved all of those *gasp!* sorority tshirts…they’re finally good for something) and sweatpants or yoga pants.  and it’s nice to know that i don’t have to feel self concious…the golden oldies don’t care.  not one bit. 

5)  water aerobics seems like it’s kick ass 

speaking of the golden oldies, at 8am there is a water aerobics class.  they’re done when i’m finished working out too, so there’s this group of older ladies who are all good friends just chatting away when i get to the locker room.  i must say, i thought it was really awesome.  i mean, these ladies were really great friends and you can tell that they’re just having a blast.   

it made me think of the far far far future, when i’m a golden oldie with all of my friends.  and how we should all go to a water aerobics class too.  i think that would be great…so, who’s with me?  who wants to join a water aerobics class with me in the year ‘050?   

i call dibs on the bright old-lady-flowery swimsuit!!


oh, and one other thing…those ladies are not shy at all.  they need to work on their “deck changing” skill.  i think i’m a little scarred for life.   




so there ya go.  the YMCA is a very entertaining.  very entertaining indeed.


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