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remember back back back in the day when i tried that whole online dating thing? 


remember how wildly unsuccessful that was? 


well, apparently i didn’t. 


those tricksy tricksters at, they got me.  i played into their hand just perfectly.  see, i cancelled my account like in june.  my 6 months were up, and not a minute too soon.  i’m over all of the effort that goes into it; the “winking”, the trying to think up some witty banter via email, not to mention the fact that it just didn’t work out.  so i happily un-subscribed and chalked it up as an E for Effort. 

but even when i un-subscribed, i’d still get notifications that “someone” emailed me.  or “someone” winked at me.  but you can’t view the email!  and they definitely don’t tell me who the “someone” is.  tricksters. 

after (almost) 2 months, these “someone emailed/winked at you” notifications got to me.  i just had to know.  who is this “someone”?  is it someone awesome?  is it the coolest person ever and i’m going to miss out because i’m just not willing to spend a trivial $36.95?  what should i do?!  oh, the not knowing.  it was simply killing me! 


so, obviously, i re-subscribed.  just for a month.  not the whole 6 months business.  i must admit that i was pretty excited to see who “someone” was.  

hello curiosity, what is this "someone" email all about?

i opened the email… 

i read the email… 

i viewed his profile… 

ah, man! not cool...not cool at all!



i got suckered into another month and spent $36.95 to view a freakin email from giggity that said “wow, you’re really pretty.  hehe, love your profile.”   


really?  really?!? 

i mean, giggity, you seem like a nice guy and all.  but compare our profiles…do you really think we have a lot in common?  and thanks for the compliment, but what the hell am i supposed to reply with?  you’ve left me with a stellar response possibility of  “dear giggity,  thanks.” 


and now i’m stuck with this for another month.  a month where all the weirdos “wink” and email me (most of them with misspelled words…which instantly makes me go into mocking-mode).  a month where i feel like  a jackass for not replying to their emails, because they do seem like nice people.  just not for me.   


maybe i should send out a general letter to the unknown awesome “someone” i was hoping it was.  it’d go a little something like this… 

got a pen? check. got a piece of paper? check. here we go...


dear super awesome “someone” on…please find me before this month subscription ends.  because if you don’t, i will NOT be curious next month and cave into paying $36.95.  you will find my profile under the semi-sarcastic title of “got no time for spreadin roots, time i was on my way…but i paid for another month, so what’s up?”   

yeah, i quoted lyrics from the epic Led Zeppelin song Ramble On.  because that’s what i shoulda done…rambled away from pointless online dating scene.  ha, i’m soooo clever…ok, so it’s kinda lame, but those dang title things are so difficult to think up!!!  any better suggestions are totally welcome.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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