Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?



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not-so-old merry contrary

went to the pantry,

to give Mr Bix a bone.

when she got there,

the pantry was bare,

as well as the freezer, fridge, and every other food storage place in this condo!


dude.  seriously.  zero food.  here, i’ll show you an actual picture of my fridge….




eek.  seriously meredith?  beer, carlo rossi (which i do not claim, it’s leftover from my mom), and condiments with a very sad little box of cereal.  this looks like a fridge that belongs to a 21 yr old college guy.  not the fridge of a hip, got-my-act-together, aren’t-i-such-a-grownup lady that i’m trying to be.


when i was on that oh so fabulous vacation (i promise i’ll stop talking about it here soon…just give me a few more days), we made these yummy homemade dinners.  ok, so i didn’t make the dinners at all.  but KK and Gordy did and they were delish.  it was good, healthy food paired with constant outdoor activity.  after a week of that routine, i could tell that my body was like “yay!  yippee!  huzzah!!”


and then i came back from vaca-land.  and i promptly returned to my dining out habits.  greasy pizza, french fries, and all that horrible crap that just makes you feel disgusting 5 minutes after eating it. 


but then i went on a bike ride last night on my beloved bicycle, Emmaline Jelly Bean.


and as i was coasting down this awesome hill, i made a decision.


i am going to go to the grocery store.  i am going to buy yummy food.  i will bring said yummy food to work instead of swingin through the drive-thru.  and while i know that i’m still going to dine out, it’s not going to be every day. 

and guess what?  i actually made it to the grocery store.  it wasn’t too crowded, i didn’t stress out about having to criss-cross my way like i normally do, and the biggest miracle of all…i didn’t have to wait in line!


it was a good day at the grocery store.  and after emptying out a billion and one grocery bags, this was my reward…

cue up the heavenly choir! is that a sunbeam i see illuminating the fridge?

wowza!  there’s still beers and carlo rossi and condiments, but now there’s delish greek yogurt and milk and kashi bars and la croix next to it!  oh, and i didn’t forget the freezer section

of course it’s full of microwave meals…it’s not like i’m going to become a full on chef over night!  ha.


yep.  i went to the grocery store.  it wasn’t horrible.  and now i have yummy food of my very own.  not too bad for a thursday afternoon.


Mr Bix was so shocked by all of this.  he just sat and watched me with this confused look on his face.  don’t worry Mr Bix, i’m still your mom that hates going to the grocery store…ok, maybe now i just extremely dislike it.  oh!  and i’m super excited about the coconut popsicles i got.  i love them as much as Gordy likes Bomb Pops popsicles.  don’t tell anyone, but i’ve already had 3.



Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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