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lemme tell you about a little slice of heaven.


it’s near nisswa, mn on Pelican Lake.  it is a welcoming lake house that is just 7 giantish steps away from a crystal clear lake that is the perfect temperature. 


and i was lucky enough to have KK invite me on a road trip there.  i was oh so very lucky.


first, the adventure began with a road trip.  at 4am.  and you know how much i love 4am.  KK, Cohcoh, Gordy and i packed up the always faithful jeep (beep beep) and took off on i-35 for a 15 hr drive.  we laughed until we cried (hey KK, you know what that is?  it’s rain), listened to hours upon hours of Radiolab (which if you’ve never heard of Radiolab, you should check that out promptly.  it’s an amazing show on NPR that explores different topics with humor, science, and delightful story telling.  check out their website here.  you’ll thank me, i promise), and rocked out with the  too loud bass.  and, somehow, throughout all of this, Cohcoh slept.  he seriously was an awesome little traveller considering he’s 2 and it was a helluva drive. 

i love how kids can totally crash out in the most uncomfortable looking position


finally, after a looooooooooong drive complete with rain and construction work, we reached our destination.  we dutifully unpacked the car (me with my 2 bags…of course i over-packed.  all i really needed was my swimsuit, 3 dresses, a sweater, and my toothbrush.  but no, i packed half my freakin closet.  next time, i will be much smarter) and dumped them on the floor.  i looked around the actual house for 2 seconds and then walked out to the back porch.  this is what i saw…

are you freakin kidding me?!? i get to stay here for a week?!?! sorry, oklahoma, i may never come home

 the daily schedule was this:  wake up, drink coffee on the deck, go into nisswa for supplies (a cute little town which sadly i didn’t take any pics of), swim, drink beers, play cards, swim, make dinner (ok, so i didn’t do much of this, but i did help chop veggies and wash dishes), eat dinner, swim, drink manhattans, play apples to apples, go to sleep.  repeat.


it was incredible.  the weather was perfection.


i met some fun people.  i got a nice tan.  and i had a blast chillin with KK, Gordy, and CohCoh. 


oh, and i took some neat-o pics.  here are a few of my favorites (ok, so a lot of my favorites). 

 and 3 of my favorites of Cohcoh playing in the water



















the lake house itself was simply perfect. it was made from warm, golden pine with a phenomenal view of the lake from every room.  it was warm and inviting and had just the right dash of charming kitsch to it (a random boar head mounted to the wall, an entire wall of “lake hats”, a bookshelf over flowing with board games and coloring books.  everything a lake house should have).  but most importantly, it had this really rad feel about it.  there was so much family history and you could just feel the years upon years of happy memories.  KK simply radiated happiness as she took us on the grand tour, sharing with us stories from her childhood.  i loved every second of it.

i named him ivan.

 oh!  and the kitchen!  it was just perfect.  KK was thoughtful and brought everyone their own apron (even one for me!  the girl who can’t cook!)

 man.  i wish i was there right now.  right this very second. 


but there’s always next year…hopefully i’ll get an invite back.


on the plus side, though, i get to cuddle with my Mr Bix.  i missed him so very very much.  and, bonus, his ear is healing nicely.

look at that handsome face!


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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