Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




as i walked through the firey gates of hell, aka my condo’s sliding glass door, all i could think of is “dear BOB, get me outta oklahoma”.

ugh, firey air is all that exists in the condo

yes, my a/c is STILL out.  and, i guess my a/c didn’t get the memo, oklahoma during august is not a place you want to be unless the temperature is altered by a machine that blows cool air.  my condo didn’t get this memo.  in fact, it so didn’t get the memo that i’ve been without a/c for 6 of the hottest days this summer.  it’s sweltering.  it’s hotter than hell.  i break a sweat just breathing.  and it’s not fixed.  even after a phone call to the people who were supposed to “fix” it ON MONDAY.

and on sunday, i am escaping this place.  yep, i’m peacin the fuck out of oklahoma.  oklahoma, i love you, but i’ve gotta go.  i need a break or, so help me BOB, i’d have to end our beautiful 3 year love affair.  i’m packin up the jeep (beep, beep), pickin up KK and Gordy and the always handsome Cohcoh, and headin out of town.

where?  to minnesota, specifically KK’s lake house on Pelican Lake.

i cannot wait.

i am going to turn off the work email (i love you guys, i really do…but don’t call unless the place is on fire).  i’m going to turn off the alarm clock (see you next week, 8am!).  i am going to swim, do yoga, take pictures, hug minnesotans, play cards with my girls.  most of all, i’m going to do whatever i want, on a time schedule that is made up by the minute.

i'm off to see minnesota! the wonderful minnesota of oz!

but here’s the part that sucks…i’m not free to do this for another 2 days.  it’s a short amount of time, i know.  but i have a billion things to wrap up at work.  and a billion things to do at my house, if it ever becomes bearable to stay there for more than 2 minutes.  and although the days seem to eek by, the task list seems to get longer and longer and longer.

and my mind has started to check out.

to dreams of a place where the temperature highs are in the 80s and at night it gets down to the 60s.  to a place where the biggest decision i have to make is what card game we’re going to play that evening on the deck while i drink wine.

only thing that minnesota will be lacking is my Mr Bix (who’s surgery went well and now he has a b’dass scar.   we’re going to say he got it from a fight with a bulldog who called him ‘short stack’.  stupid bulldog, don’t you know that Mr Bix is trained in 20 different types of martial arts and knows russian?)

he's got boatloads of street cred

maybe next year he can join us.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. YESSSSSSS! Hurry up 4am Sunday morning!
    The GoGo’s “Vacation” has been playing on repeat in my head all week long: “Vacation all I ever wanted… Vacation Got to Get AWAY!”

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