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i found it!  i found it!  i found a super rad bicycle that is amazing and fantastic and soon to be mine!!! ok, so actually the lumberjack found it for me.  he sent me the link on craigslist, i said “wow, that one looks really neat-o”, then he checked to make sure it was in good condition (the bike currently resides in Dallas).  and he gives it the thumbs up.  which thank goodness, cuz i have no idea what i’d be looking for…all i know is that it looks super sweet. 

so, yup! i’m getting a really awesome bicycle!!!  wanna see?

check check check it out!

it’s an awesome schwinn cruiser.  i was hoping to find a 3 speed, but…well…i love this bicycle and okc is pretty flat so i think i’ll be golden with 1 speed.  and look at the seat!! it has a super cute ‘S’ on it!

now i just gotta think of a name for it…but that will have to wait until we official meet.

who wants to go on a bicycle ride?!



next up on the blog agenda….

emsy and baby z’s portrait session.  i’m pretty excited about it…it’s my 2nd portrait session and i got to use KKs super fancy pants photoshop and whatnot.  i’m pretty darn pleased with myself.

course, it helps that emsy is absolutely beautiful and baby z is one of the most precious little buttons i’ve ever seen.  he was smiley and cute, then fell asleep like an angel.  here are some of my favorites.  well, i had like 150 favorite images….but that’s way way way too many to post.  and then i tried to narrow it down to 3, but that was just impossible.  so here are a few of my most favoritest images.

this little guy was ready to rock n roll

emsy has lazer eyes

look at that little guy! and emsy...beautiful!!


baby z also has the lazer eyes...

i snapped this one while they were laughing at dad, who was a little camera shy but great at making them smile

i just plain love this picture

this one is so serene. look at that sweet face!


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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