Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




i want to ride my bicycle, i want to ride my bike! 


too bad i don’t have one.  ah, shucks, i take that back.  i do have one.  i have an older cannondale hand-me-down that is pretty legit.  only problem is the racing bike is a little too advanced for me.  i tried riding it around the block, and i’m not gonna lie kiddos…it wasn’t a pretty sight.  whoever made up the phrase “it’s like riding a bike” (or whatever that phrase is) has not met me.  and all of my clumsy glory (the other day i accidentally rammed my elbow into the corner edge of the wall so hard it bled.  yeah, the corner edge that’s on the way to my bathroom…which hasn’t moved once in the 3 years i’ve lived in my condo.  i’m that kid.)  let’s just say i may have fallen.  a few times.


but lately, i’ve been wanting a kick ass bike. 


i can’t credit myself for this awesome idea.  it’s 2 parts Pied Piper/The Ax duo and 1 part Lumberjack/Ldawg duo’s influence.  and i was chatting with Ldawg earlier today and she showed me the bike that the Lumberjack got her.  is it possible to fall in love with a bicycle at first sight?  because i sure did. 

be still my bi-peddlin heart!

ah!  look at those dainty-girly flowers!!  and the green rimmed wheels!!! and the baby blue spokes!!  it’s an electra girard 3i “tree of life” (in the amsterdam series).  and i need it.  i really do.  i would look awesome peddling around on it!  i would name it something rad like “annabelle” or “olive”.  and we’d be best friends, just cruisin around the OKC.


or check out this raleigh retroglide…it’s in green!  my favoritest of colors!

classically awesome


yet another thing to save my nickels and pennies for.  but this time it’d be easier to validate…i mean, i’d be saving the environment by biking to places (no evil carbon monoxide emissions from me when i’m cruisin on this sweet ride!) added bonus, i’d be getting some exercise whilst looking rocktastic.  and maybe i could get a cute little basket and go to the flower store up the street tobuy flowers and then put them in said basket.  how cute would i be?!?!


and then, i can start a super rad bicycle gang!  which means it’d have to have a b’dass name…and you know how i love coming up with names!

watch out, here comes awesomeness on a bicycle!

and the bicycle gang could also have kick ass t-shirts with our names on them.  and maybe even matching streamers or bike bells or some other sweet accessory that declares the bike gang’s awesomeness and raditude.


and don’t worry, it’ll be a really nice bicycle gang…not one that drinks lots of beers and gets in fights and vandalizes things.  well, there’d be drinking of beers and alcoholic bevies (although, no drunk bicycling…no one wants a BUI)  but no vandalizing, only beautifying of the area…the gang’d do nice things like plant flowers in the community and help little old ladies cross the street and take pics of the cool OKC sites that shows everyone how cool OKC is.


soooo….who’s with me?!  who wants to be in a uber-rad-but-really-nice bicycle gang?


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

10 thoughts on “BICYCLE! BICYCLE!

  1. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Would be especially cute for a photo shoot :)

  2. I DO! I DO!

  3. Merry,merry,

    I bet we can strip down that Cannondale to it’s frame and retro fit it with all of the bells and whistles you adore! Your bike gang can be some like this:

    Thanks for the bike post! I’m here to encourage your bicycling adventures.


  4. I agree with the lumberjack, customizing your own bike is the way to go. Build a Bike-enstein! Or a Franken-bike.

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