Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?



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i surprisingly don’t have a grand story to tell today.  the past week has been a draw between me and ‘010.  there hasn’t been anything that’s made me über excited.  on the plus side, there’s been nothing that’s made me curse ‘010 and call it evil names (other than my mild case of insomnia, but i’ve almost gotten used to that).  mostly it’s just been a steady stream of good times…  chillin on the porch with good friends, good times with the fam, and bein leisurely at the pool.  oh, and work.  lots and lots of work.


 ok, so i lied…i do have a little story.  it’s not a grand, epic tale like usual…just a light little rando story.   today brimsy and i were discussing my upcoming anniversary of my birth.  it’ll be my golden birthday, 27 on the 27th!  and that led me to reminiscing about my 25th birthday (man i loved that birthday).  which then led me to reminiscing about my brilliant idea that i had to get a weave (or extensions…it’s the classier way of saying weave.  and i am always classy. ha). 


ah, my weave was glorious.  i named it betty and veronica.  it was long, it was blonde, and it was hot as hell.  literally, so very very hot.  having a crap ton of hair glued to your head during the oklahoma summer heat was perhaps the worst idea ever.  but it was long, and it was blonde, and i thought i looked like a rockstar. 

check it out...that is one awesome weave


in order to find this pic, i had to take a little visit to ye ole myspace page.  which was a flashback.  duuuuuude, remember when myspace was the coolest?  what ever happened to it?


i had quite the trip down memory lane, looking at all of my old pictures from back in the day.  there were the many phases of blondness…that was a fun hair time period.  and the summer i had a raging case of poison ivy.  and all of the mustacheers pics.  but the best were of the tiny baby cohcoh!  i can’t believe how tiny he was!!

look at him in his little onesie!

he was a tiny tater tot with big blue eyes and now he is such a little man.  it’s bananas!



oh myspace…i remember setting up my account when i was temping as a receptionist at this weird bioresearch lab.  i was like one of the last people i knew to have one.  i remember spending agonizing hours debating on which background to use (how i miss my crazy pink flamingo background!)  and all of the stupid surveys i used to fill out to kill time.  and most importantly, i miss my “about me” section.  it was a great one.  i am so hip and cool that sometimes i even amaze myself.  are you ready?  i’ll share it with you…bring back a little myspace love to the blog…

ABOUT ME: “i am like a unicorn who, on occasion, drinks too much”

i love that the beers are PBRs...classic.

see?  how cool was i back in the day?  the answer:  very.  hahaha.  kidding (sort of)


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!



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