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seriously.  if there wasn’t great music, i would be one unhappy meredith. 


i love it, i do.  i love the thrill of listening to a kick ass song for the first time and thinking “this is my jam”.  i love that no matter what mood i’m in, there is a song out there to match it.  i love crankin up the volume and singing my guts out…and pretending that i sound like a songbird instead of a dying seagull.  i love turning on “sunday over easy” on a lazy sunday morning and just lying in bed listening while my mind drifts back to sleep…especially when they play something like “And She Was” by the Talking Heads that i haven’t heard in forever and instantly fall back in love with the song.  i love making mixed tapes for people.  i love feeling über superior when i discover a band before the ‘hipsters’ do. 

this song is my jam!

if you haven’t noticed by now…i love me some freakin music. 


it’s something that just instantly takes you back to a memory.  like The Beatles’ White Album reminds me of driving with my dad.  and Placebo’s Friend in Need reminds me of screeching the mustang into school senior year of highschool, thinking that i’m way way way too cool to be locked in this teenage hell and how i’m never ever EVER moving back to oklahoma once i graduate (oh teenage meredith, you were soooooo naive!).  Jimmy Eat World is the soundtrack to the hours upon miles that Annie B and i spent shuttling back and forth between colorado and oklahoma.  Built to Spill reminds me of my first serious boyfriend and young romance.  Led Zeppelin is forever L Dawg and me.  Morphine’s Yes goes out to my first major crush and also to summer nights, where the air is so thick you can taste it.  The Who’s Love Reign O’er Me is the hour that i spent sitting in the car during a torrential downpour outside my grandad’s old house crying and feeling every ounce of hopeless beauty that Roger Daultrey is pouring out (the house is vacant, so don’t worry…i wasn’t being that creepy).  Mason Jenning’s Butterfly is me beeboppin around boulder on a bright spring day when life couldn’t get any better than being 21 and carefree. 


mp3s make music easy.  cds make it possible to make a collage of sound and give it to others.  tapes, well tapes were lame.  but i did think i was super cool when i got my 1st walkman (it was pink, by the way).  but records, ooooooh records.  that’s where my heart is.  the feel of them, like something fragile yet strong at the same time.  shiny grooves that wink at you when the light hits them, tantalizing me with hidden sound.  they smell almost like old books, a little bit musty, but with a whole lotta rock-n-roll. 

i love records so much, i even took pictures with them!


but records can’t beat seeing a band live.  there’s the thrill of realizing that a killer show is coming my way.  that yes, my schedule will allow me to go.  then there’s the wait for tickets to go on sale…and the victory high of seeing the confirmation e-mail proclaiming that i, meredith, will be there.   

the anticipation of waiting for that date to arrive can be agonizing, but it’s always worth the wait (even if i have to overcome ridiculous obstacles to get there *ahem, vampire weekend!*).  the day of, i am buzzing with excitement.  literally bouncing on the balls of my feet.  and waiting in line?  ah, you can hear the hum of people talking…hoping that the band will play this song or the other…reminiscing about when they saw them last.   

then there’s the crush to get the primo spot.  the one where giant men don’t loom in front of me, where i can actually see the band instead of staring at sweaty shoulder blades for hours.  but even if i do get stuck behind some man shoulder mountain, it doesn’t diminish the pure joy of seeing the band walk on stage and strum that first cord of the first song.  the one that vibrates through the whole crowd and gets the party started. 

somewhere in the mix, there’s the exciting frustration of winding your way to buy a concert t-shirt, restocking up on overpriced cheap beer, and making a trip to the loo.  and the smug satisfaction of pushing past dumb hipster kids to get back to the exact same spot i vacated so that i can resume staring at a man shoulder mountain.  and resume being in pure auditory bliss. 

Android, No! kickin ass at the Red Eyed Fly (rickford is the one on the right with the super sweet sax)

ah, i love it i do.  if i was an obscenely rich person, i’d spend my time hopping from city to city seeing all of my favorite bands.  and taking a posse of my bestest friends with me.  because you must have your bestest friends there with you to dance with.  and to look at each other and yell “ohmygod this is FREAKIN AWESOME!”.   


but luckily for me, a few good shows come by OKC…or at least within driving proximity.  and they aren’t too steeply priced. 

speaking of which (and the reason for me going off on a tangent), i’m going to go see The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend and Beach House (fingers crossed that i get tickets when they go on sale this friday), and most likely Built to Spill.  hurry up, october, i’ve got plenty of music-based plans for you!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. Loved this post – my thoughts exactly! I love how music can reflect my mood, change the way I feel and bring back memories. And if I was rich, I would do the same…just see endless gigs. Ahh, that would be great! ;)

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