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remember the wallflowers?  they were pretty popular in ’96.  they had a song that was pretty big, you may have heard about it…”one headlight”.  ok, so maybe you young’uns don’t know (i’m talkin to you brittsy!  heart your face!)  

ah, mid 90s "alternative rock" bands are the coooooolest



“Hey, come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There’s got to be something better than
In the middle
But me & Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight”


well, Jakob Dylan, driving around with one headlight is not cool.  in fact, it’s pretty darn illegal.  like a $130 ticket (course you do have a 5 day “fix it” period.  but still) 


why do i bring this up? 


well, i got my car back from repair (the 2nd time, keep in mind).  the high-pitched horrible noise was gone.  awesome!  yay!  yippee!!  thursday i was a good girl and didn’t go out after work, i just chilled at home watching one of my favorite TV shows (So You Think You Can Dance…i know, i know.  but i love that show, i do!) 


day 2 with kenny was so nice.  it was like a reunion with a best friend that i haven’t seen in ages.  or like a hug from one of my favoritest kids. 

look at that adorable face!


  and then day 2 turned into night 2. 


i drove home from my AJ’s house after a delish family dinner of grilled salmon, fresh salad & asparagus.  it was approaching dusk, so my headlights turned on but i didn’t quite need them yet.  i pulled into my garage, glad to be home.  now, i have the automatic headlight feature on my car.  so i don’t turn them off when i leave my car…they stay on for a few and then click off (it’s a pretty common feature, i’m sure you’re aware of it). 


hmmm….that’s funny, the lights don’t seem to be working on the right passenger side.  the left one works, but not the right.  the passenger side that got completely replaced from the car accident and was SUPPOSED TO BE FIXED!!!! 


pump your brakes, say "whaaaaaaaat?"


are you freaking kidding me?!  are you ABSOLUTELY FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

how, how the fuck, how the fucking fuck did they NOT notice this?  does the body shop not check their work?  TWICE?!?!?! 


i mean, i know absolutely nothing about cars.  i know that i fill it up with gas, turn it on, put it in gear, and step on the gas pedal to make it go & the brake to make it stop.  that’s about it.  i have no idea how to change the oil, i call my dad when i need to change a flat.  i am your stereotypical girl when it comes to cars. 

hell, they could tell me that the blinker fluid is low & i’d believe them.  or that my car needs more gigglywatts, and i’d buy more. 


but even me, the most ignorant person when it comes to cars, knows that it is not good for a car to be making a high-pitched whistling noise when you drive it.  even me, the girl who can’t change a tire, can flip an effing switch and notice that the headlight isn’t working!  how come these experienced mechanics not catch this?! 

mama ain't happy, so figure it out mechanics


they are freakin lucky i didn’t get pulled over.  because i would seriously have to kick some guy in the nuts.  i’m not playing around. 


so monday i get to take my car back in for the 3rd freakin time…the 2nd time in one week.  and i swear to the powers that be, if they don’t fix Kenny once and for all i will raise some hell.  and i’m not normally the type of person to get all raging at people.  i normally am very sweet and polite and understand that it’s not their fault. 


but it is their freaking fault.  how do you not run simple tests to make sure that your work is complete?!   




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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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