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it’s official, ladies and gentlemen, oklahoma summer is here.


truly, seriously, really here.  in a big, humid, bad way.


things i like about summer:

1) chillin at the swimming pool.  it’s the 3rd reason why i can’t really hate paying my HOA dues (the 1st is that they’d put a lien on my condo if i didn’t, and the 2nd is that they’re fixing my windows…guess they aren’t toooootally evil, just a pain in my ass).  and today i finally got to sit at the pool and kick it with my mom.  tomorrow, i completely plan to vegetate poolside with a mojito and some killer tunes.  added bonus, mostly old people live in my condo complex so it’s rarely crowded.


2) lots of fun outdoorsy events going on around the city.  like the paseo arts festival, which was going on this weekend.  the festival where my cousin once removed (i think that’s how you say it…it’s my cousin’s cousin) jammed the afternoon away.  his jazz band took the southern stage, and impressed the heck out of me.

they played a jazzy version of 'no diggity' can you not have an awesome time listening to that?!


3)  the parks are all pretty and sunshiny, and perfect for family portraits.  which, speaking of family portraits, i shot my first one saturday.  my awesomely photogenic friends the Rs volunteered to be my guinea pigs.  and, i think i did a pretty durn good job, if i do say so myself.  here’s one of my favoritest of the  family shots

aren't they just the cutest?

yep.  i even tried a little bit of post production myself.  it’s totally not as fantastic as KK’s because, well, i have no idea what i’m doing and i also lack the latest and greatest photoshop.  i like the way it turned out, hopefully they did too.


4) lemonade.  oh, refreshing lemonade.  we picked up a glass of freshly made lemonade on the trek back to the car from the paseo arts festival…and it was downright delightful.  the perfect combo of sweet and tart…and the fact that it was ice-cold didn’t hurt.  i have decided to drink more lemonade this summer. 

perfect for a sunny summer day



unfortunately, it’s not all lemonade, kick-ass photo sessions, festivals, and pool time.  no, dear friends, it isn’t always perfect.


mostly, it’s sweaty.


it is so freakin sweaty.  and hot.  and humid. 


today, while enjoying the musical styling of wunderjazz, i literally had a bead of sweat go from the nape of my neck down to my butt.  ew ew ew.  that is not cool.  especially when i was looking summery and breezy.  but looking summery and breezy does not protect me from the blazing sun nor from the swampy humidity.  within 4 min of leaving my car (the jeep, beep beep), i was already sporting a nice sheen of sweat.  4 freakin minutes!  and within 10, i was sporting my first sunburn of the summer (dammit!  i shoulda brought some sunscreen or something!!)


the worst part, is once i finally get into the blessed sanctuary of air-conditioning, the sheen (ok, who am i kidding, after 2 hours outside i was sweating like a pig) turns into a nice sticky film. 

then i go outside again and the cycle repeats itself.


i had to take 2 cool showers today.


nice to see you again, summer…


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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