Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




which is my camera, by the way.  what?  did you really think i wouldn’t name my new best friend?  naming inanimate objects is my #17 favorite thing to do. 


plus it’s funny…we named KK’s camera Louise.  so when we shoot weddings together, its thelma and louise.  get it? 

yep, i'm gina davis...check out those super awesome high-rise jeans! oh! does that mean i get to steam up the sheets with a young brad pitt?!

but we didn’t stop there.  we’ve named all of the lenses too.

the 25-104mm zoom is ‘the duchess’.  it’s my favorite & i think she’s royalty.  the 50mm is ‘boo’, it’s KK’s favorite.  then there’s the big crazy zoom which is ‘lady gaga’…for papparazzi.  there are a few more, but you get the point….i’m a nerd who likes to name things.



back to the point.


yesterday was my 1st time to use the new camera for a wedding.  having my own camera & flash makes it 20 times easier, believe you me.  i think i got a few awesome images.  heck, i hope i did.  i shot like 1400 pics!  


the wedding itself was awesome.  it was a smaller, more intimate ceremony in downtown historical guthrie.  the bride looked beautiful, the groom dashing, and you could just tell how happy and in love they were.  the family & friends were all excited to be there & support the couple.  the decor was simple elegance.  oh!  and the groom was from germany, so there were several fun german traditions…like the couple had to saw a log in half & at the end they were dressed in a bonnet with a baby doll (for the bride) and a night cap with a pipe (the groom) while the guest serenaded them.


last night, as i fell asleep, i realized just how much i really enjoy working with KK and being her 2nd photographer.  especially at great weddings like yesterday’s.  here’s why:

1)  you get to be apart of something special.  through the lens of my camera, i get to document a day that is filled with hope, happiness, excitement, a little bit of nerves, and, most importantly, love.  love between the couple, love between the families, love between the friends.  being apart of that pushes the practical-and-somewhat-jaded-about-love meredith aside and lets the hopeless  romantic meredith come center stage.  granted, i have yet to shoot an awkward wedding where people don’t get along & whatnot.  and i hope those are few & far between.

2)  i love the feeling i get when i know i captured an amazing picture.  my favorites are the ones where people don’t know that i’m photographing them.  i’m like a freakin photo ninja up in the reception.  and when i get the shot, i can’t help but do a mental cheer and pat myself on the back.

heck yeah! i freakin made that picture my bitch! only i don't look quite so scary as this dude.

3)  it’s fun to admire/critique the decorations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, guests outfits, etc.  the ones i’ve been to have been fabulocity, but i’m sure i’ll get to see some train wrecks in the future.  to be fair, i mostly admire.  the critiquing is a little shallow of me, but hey…it’s all a matter of personal taste.  and as long as the bride & groom are happy, that’s all that matters.  still, it’s fun.

are you in, or are you out?



the only downfall is that i have an 8lb camera attached to my face for like 10 hours.  after hour 2, that bitch gets heavy.  my back, shoulders, and right arm are seriously in pain.  i would bribe someone with a million dollars to rub my shoulders.  and not the polite, gentle shoulder rub.  i’m talking the brutal, dig with your elbow style.  seriously, a million dollars.  ok…so not seriously.  i don’t have that kind of cash.  more like, i’ll give you a winning smile and several high fives.  c’mon!  that’s a deal if i’ve ever heard of one!!!


the other kind of weird thing is that after looking through a lens that alters the depth of what you’re shooting for so long, when i’m done it makes my vision all warped feeling.  my depth perception is already kind of lame.  so when i’ve been rockin the 85mm lens (butter) for 3 hours straight, normal vision just seems so wrong.  like something isn’t quite right.

maybe not as dramatic, but i liked this crazy pants wallpaper so i'm throwing it in there.


all in all, thelma is the jam.  wedding photography is the jam, although way more difficult than most people would think.  and i can’t wait to go view my images with KK tonight…hopefully the are the jam too.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “A DAY WITH THELMA

  1. I am DYING over this wallpaper. yum.

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