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so i thought i’d take a break from complaining about all of the freakish bad luck i’ve ran into lately & dazzle everyone with my artistic shots of random shit around my house.  it’s not literal shit (ew, i’m messy but i am not disgusting.  i do clean my house).  it’s more like pictures of every single knickknacks i have.  and a billion and one pics of mr bix (dang, that puppenstein is so CUTE i can’t stand it!) 

i’ve been experimenting with bouncing my flash & getting the hang of what my camera can actually do.  which is a freakin ton.  i haven’t even begun to try out the video on this beast! oh yeah, it takes HD video…the intro to SNL was shot with it btw. 

so here are a few of my favorite ones.  cue up the Sound of Music soundtrack (raindrops on roses and blah bi di blah blah).  hmmm…that doesn’t really fit.  how about one of the 5 mixes i’ve made this week…hmm…i’m thinking Best Coast’s “when i’m with you”, Vampire Weekend’s “contra”, Lissie Trullie’s “ready for the floor” and The XX’s “islands”.  yep, muuuuch better.  

so here they are.  keep in mind that 1) they are straight off the camera, no editing or fancy work done and 2) i am an amateur just playing around 

the most fantastic necklace ever


my bedside table stuff


some of my props from last halloween's costume that i've tucked into a vase. hey, i spent a lot of time making them & they're still pretty


experimenting with light and shadows

and of course, gotta have a few of the mr bix, my handsome man. 

look at that face! he is such a super model




and this is where he gets tired of me taking his picture & tries to hide. but i'm sneaky...i'm like a ninja photographer

and i’m so looking forward to this weekend.  i get to shoot a wedding with KK, the first with my new camera.  yippee!!!!  wish me luck!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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