Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




oh mylanta, i hope it is.  because i am seriously at my breaking point.


let me recap…


my replacement phone (you know, the one i ordered april 7th) has been lost in the mail.  apparently it was not only being built from scratch, but it was shipped via pony express.  i guess when they were changing horses, it got left in a random saddlebag.

shitty meter- 3

not really that bad.  just a minor inconvenience and annoyance.



car wreck in the intersection.  car wreck smashing into me.  super fun stuff. 

shitty meter- 8.5

it’s not a full-fledged 10.  no one was hurt (thank the powers that be) and my car is most likely repairable.  guess i’ll find out later this week.  i’d say more, but hell…you can read…and i posted this tale already.



insurance fest & trying to contact the repair shop to have them tow kenny & assess the damage.  repair shop never answers.  greeeeeaaaattttt.  oh, and i’m stuck without a car b/c my dad was still in KC so i couldn’t get the keys to the extra car until 8pm.

shitty meter: 5.75

insurance recognized that i had been sitting at a stoplight like a good girl & was in no way responsible, so score one for me.  repair shop is a pain, but i’ll get it on monday.  the hardest thing was being stuck without a car.  normally, i enjoy a lazy saturday of reading in bed & catching up on my dvr-ed shows.  but knowing that i can’t leave?  ugh.  it had me pacing the house like a caged lion.  it was counter-balanced by having lunch with my brother, which was awesome.  although i did feel pretty lame having to call my younger brother to pick me up and take me to lunch because i have no car and zero edible food at the condo (mental note…go to grocery store).  oh, and i got to hang out with Lil M, which is always a delight.



started off delightfully.  brunch with KK, CohCoh, and Gordy.  followed by watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was my 1st time watching it.  which i can’t believe because that show kicks so much ass.


and here i will begin a new tale.  it’s called “mother nature teams up with ‘010”


look at that shit? are you kidding me?! oh, and i stole this pic from Lil M...i'm sneaky like that

another line of storms rocked the OKC metro.  this time, with hail.  i’m talking mass quantities of hail.  nickel, dime, quarter, golf ball sized hail.  i was at gordy’s when it started.  and it was bananas.  absolute bananas.  luckily, my borrowed jeep didn’t receive any hail damage (whew, i woulda felt awful if it did).  the hipster western area had it’s fair share of hail, but the real damage was a little further north…right smack where i live.


i came home, and my condo complex looks totally trashed.  leaves, tree limbs, shattered windows galore.


i walk into my little courtyard and notice that my skylight from my upstairs bathroom is now mostly on the ground.  well, can’t really blame that.  i mean, it is on the roof.  there was a crap ton of hail plummeting from the sky.  1+1=2.  i go upstairs, pick up the plexiglass & shrug to myself.  someone has politely put a tarp over the exposed roof (thanks HOA, guess you are helpful after all).

poor never had a chance.

later, i ventured out to my mom’s to retrieve some of the things i salvaged from kenny.  driving past my door, i noticed a black tarp covering the window in my guest room. 

pump your breaks…did that window break too?!?!

you bet your favorite pair of jeans it did.

screw it, i’m going to mom’s for a sec.  and i did.  but i did have to return and see what new twisted twist of fate happened.  kids, it was bad.  glass everywhere.  even the screens were shredded.  it took me an hour to clean up all of the glass.  at this point, i don’t know whether to laugh hysterically till the men in white coats come to take me away or if i can just sit down and cry.  big salty tears.

really?! really?!

at the end of the weekend, all i have to show for it is the absence of my replacement phone, a fucked up car, a broken skylight, and a shredded window.  tomorrow i’ll have to figure out if i’m supposed to replace the windows or if my HOA does.  which will be bucket loads of fun, trust.

a bag full of broken glass, AKA my spirit. thanks '010, you're a real gem


ack.  enough, meredith.  it’s only stuff.  and stuff can be fixed or replaced.  i’m not hurt, my family & friends aren’t hurt, and mr bix is safe & sound.  it’s only stuff.  and i can fix that…right?  you bet your best pair of shoes i can!  so tonight, i may cry a little bit out of pure frustration.  but i am officially calling this weekend over. 


and you know what that means?


that a brand spankin new week is about to start.  and I will win this new week.  i will, i will, i will. 


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. Shitty Turds about your busted out windows! I’m sorry, Mere, that blows elephant balls.

  2. I’m sorry Wanda :(

    PS- you can steal my pics anytime my love!! xoxo

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