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stupid ‘010.  just as soon as things start to really get good for me, that salty bitch of a year has to take a swipe and knock me back on my ass.

how '010 would look if it were a cartoon. pretty darn evil if you ask me.

so here’s the story.

i was on my way to go celebrate the lovely ax’s bday.  i stopped at the red light, because that’s what you do when you obey traffic laws like i do, minding my own damn business.  yep, juuuuuust sitting there.  i wasn’t texting or messing with my ipod or anything.  just bein a good driver.


i look up, and i see two cars coming.  one going northbound & one going westbound.  “oh crap!” i think to myself, “they’re going to hit each other.” 


and they do.  in that awful sound of crunching cars manner. 


i’m watching in shock/horror and i see that the big black SUV isn’t stopping.  or going westbound anymore. 

where is he going?  meredithbound.

shit, i’m going to get hit.  and i can’t reverse because there is a line of cars behind me.

oh mylanta! that car is coming straight for me!!!

and with a quickness, it did.

he clipped the front end of my car (which was at a full stop, by the by…did i mention that?  that i was JUST SITTING THERE AT A STOPLIGHT?!?!) and shoved my car into the curb.


fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.  not again.

we all pile out.  no one is hurt, thank the powers that be.  the cops are called, and everyone starts trying to figure out whose fault it was,  it wasn’t mine.  that’s for damn sure.  so i just sat back & let the other guys duke it out.


at this point, i wasn’t too worried about me.  my front bumper had taken a beating, but it looked purely cosmetic.  i had hit my head & was jarred by the impact, but it didn’t feel like anything to be worried about.  i was just going to be sore the next day.


then came the fun part.  when i finally got to move my car & head on over to the bday, have a few cocktails, and share my story with the girls.  i get behind the wheel, put kenny (my car) into reverse, and start to back up.

grind, screech, kerplunk.  grind, screech, kerplunk.

uh oh.  that’s not good.  something is seriously seriously wrong with my wheel.  or maybe it’s the flux capacitor.  heck, i dunno…auto-mechanics aren’t my strong suit.


i look to the cop directing me and say “umm…i think there’s something really wrong with my front passenger wheel.  should i keep moving or do you think i’m going to cause more damage?”  the ever-so-helpful cop replies, “hon, i’m not a mechanic.”  gee mister, neither am i.  thanks for the helpful opinion. 

no no no no! this is NOT HAPPENING!

call my ass a tow truck, kenny got killed AGAIN.  poor kenny, this is his 4th wreck.  and only one of them was my fault!  this was not the one!  i was SITTING AT A STOPLIGHT!!!!!!!!!


today, how awesome has it been?  oh, you bet your best purse it’s been awesome.

i’m car-less, dealing with insurance, and feeling very nervous about any driving, even when i’m just a passenger.  i’ve already freaked out twice when i was riding with my mom & later with KK.  my neck & back are killing me.  at first they weren’t too bad, but as i keep moving they hurt more.  and i’ve taken the limit for advil. 


the car-less part is the worst.  you can’t just walk around or hop on a bus/taxi/subway here in okc.  nope.  public transportation is not our strength here in oklahoma.  i feel stranded, claustrophobic, and helpless.  i’m having flashbacks of what it’s like to be 15 again & at the mercy of friends & family.   

hey guys! wanna hang out??? pick me up??? take me back home???

argh!  i hate this feeling!  luckily, my dad has an extra car i can borrow.  if only he wasn’t in KC right now…


but seriously, anyone want to hang out?  wanna pick me up??  take me home when we’re done hanging out???  i’m dying of boredom here!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

One thought on “‘O1O STRIKES AGAIN

  1. AWWW! That totally sucks! I hope Kenny gets fixed up real quick! All I know is that you should never ever delete this post, because your story telling is amazing, even when the situation stinks. lol. Again, sorry to hear about the freak damage to your car while minding your own business waiting for a red light to turn green. It’s moments like that where I wish I had a particular super power. One that stops time so I can have time to fix something before it starts back up. Oh well. =)

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