Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




two things i am not a fan of.


tornado sirens.


eep.  gulp.  and a huge dose of “meredith is terrified”.


i hate tornados.  i hate them, i do.  which is ironic because i live in oklahoma.  aka “tornado alley”.  and this is one of those super swell times of the year where tornados run rampant.  driving straw into trees.  and fear into my heart.


it doesn’t help that gary england, mike morgan, and all of the other meteorologists get a storm high & start talkin all crazy-like.  and that people get super geared up and want to go chase storms.  me?  i’m the kid hiding in under the stairs with the blanket over my head freaking out.  i mean, seriously freaking out.


yes, i know that tornados normally take the same path.  and there hasn’t been one by my house in forever.  i don’t live in moore (man, those people are bananas) so odds are it ain’t comin anywhere near me.  but i’m not taking the risk.  no sirreee.  not me.


well, monday the wind was a blowin.  and a storm was a brewin.  and tornadopalooza began.  while i was at work, away from the safety of my under-the-stairs closet, mr bix, and my trusty blanket.  yep.  i was at work.  with 5 crazy guys who love watching the storm & scaring me even more than i already am.  i stood outside with them.  watched it get green and eerie.  watched the different layers of clouds swirl and listened to the weathermen get all amped up on “circulating storm cells” while the sirens wail.  of course moore got hit (they always do) & the store about 15 miles away watched a tornado form on their back door.


don’t worry, i was fine.  the quail store was fine.  unfortunately, not everyone in oklahoma was…sorry to those who weren’t.


but if you want to enjoy watching gary england get all excited about tornados, i recommend the “gary england drinking game“.  so, it’s not really sponsored by the gary, and i’m sure he’s not such a fan.  but i hear it’s great fun.  maybe next time a twister hits, i’ll give it a shot.  maybe it’ll help me not to have a panic attack next time the tornados twist into town.



now on to 5am alarms.


this morning, i had to wake up at 5am.  seriously?  i had to pry myself from a deep slumber (one that began only 3 hours before 5am).  which especially sucked because i was in the perfect sleep conditions & having a delightful dream.  as much as it pained me, i had to wake up.  and look presentable for a super fun road trip to tulsa for a meeting. 




i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again.  i. hate. mornings.  if the sun isn’t up, then why should i bother being awake?  do i need to remind 5am what i look like that early?  i will.


and that whole “early bird gets the worm” saying?  dude, i’m not a bird.  i don’t eat worms.  and if i did, i wouldn’t want to take the other birds’ breakfast from them.  that’s not how i roll…my momma taught me better than that.  i’d rather wake up at a normal hour.  a good hour.  say, 10am or 11am?  i’m cool with that.  and then i won’t look super scary with puffy, red eyes.  i’ll look like i normally look…which is not like death warmed up.

muuuuuuuuuch better!

*yawn*  and on that note, i’ve been up for too long & have had to use my brain for too long.  so i’m off to put on my pjs, crawl into bed, and drift off into slumber-land.


nighty night kiddos


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “TORNADO SIRENS & 5AM ALARMS

  1. Hey! Sweet pic of the rotation! Looks even better then it does on my cell phone! Did Derek send it to you? I didn’t even think to send it to you when I took it… hm. I hate tornatdo’s too. Like, sooo much!

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