Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?



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but then again, i’m pretty partial.  because she’s my mom.  

i officially met her on july 27th, 1983.  i tried to meet her earlier than that, but apparently you’re not supposed to make your grand appearance butt first.  so it took me a little bit to get things right.  and, when i make my mom mad, she reminds me that she almost died while i figured that out. 

luckily for me, she didn’t. 


this is my mom. she's awesome


she’s my bestest friend.  she’s there to listen to all of my stories.  and she never complains about it, even if they are super long and rambly (i know, hard to believe that i have rambly stories).  she’s always there to cheer me up when i am sad.  give me sage advice when i’m in need of guidance.  and she cheers the loudest at my successes, even if they’re small and inconsequential. 


it’s not always peaches and cream.  sometimes we fight.  sometimes she drives me crazy.  and lord knows sometimes i drive her crazy.  but at the end of it all, she’s always there for me.  and i’m always there for her. 


she’s done so much for me & provided me with so much.  i can never say ‘thank you’ enough to her.  she even makes me put up a christmas tree every year, even though i hate actually doing that.  but every year i’m glad she does…it’s super sparkly and pretty.  she makes the best potato soup ever.  i mean EVER.  she even makes it for me when i’m feeling sicky pants.  she’s shown me how to be a strong woman.  and that hard work, dedication, and passion for what you do can take you anywhere.  especially when that hard work is done the right way…honestly.  she’s always told me that i can be anything that i want to be, and meant it. 


mom & charlie (aka the dragon)


one day, i hope to have my own children.  and i hope that i can be a great mother like her.  heck, i’d even settle to be half as great as her. 


me & my mama llama.


so to all of you fantastic mothers out there…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!  i know it ain’t always easy, but kids like me sure do appreciate the heck outta you!!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

One thought on “MY MOM IS THE COOLEST

  1. Our Mom blogs are hilariously similar. love it. xoxo

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