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hear that sound?  that’s the tell-tale music of “meredith learns a life lesson”.  it’s the same sound as cheesy early 90s sitcoms like Full House. when the kids learn some dang “life lesson”. 

whatever happened to predictability? the milkman, the paper boy, the evening tv?

yep.  just like that.  cue up the damn music.  my only question is…where is uncle jesse?!?!?!


so, what exactly is my lesson?


not to freakin brag about my new freakin b’dass camera before it has been delivered and i’m holding it in my hands.


oh, canon eos 5d mark II camera.  before, i never dreamed it possible.  i had my sights set on the 7d.  that was my goal.  and then, i realized that the 5d mark II was possible.  the one that KK has.  the one with uber b’dass possibilities.  the one with room to grow into.  and so i ordered it.  and bragged about it.  and wished and dreamed and hoped for it by wednesday (which, technically is today).


until amazon & my bank account had a freakin battle royale.  about my billing address.  which for some stupid reason i put “apt” instead of “unit'”.  seriously?! seriously.  i mean, i appreciate them being cautious.  i do.  but i called before i placed the order to be cautious.  and then i spent a stupid amount of time getting the run around from both my bank and amazon.  i kept my cool.  or tried to.  but the fact is, it ain’t comin on wednesday.




i’ve been honest with you before.  and i will remain honest.  i am not patient.  especially if i’m dropping a significant amount of money.  i want what i want, and i want it now. 


i have been patient with ordering.  but nothing NOTHING is ever easy for me.  for most people, it takes 2 steps max to make shit happen.  for me, it takes 12 steps & holding back tears 3 times before it happens.  example, vampire weekend.  oh, and i’m still waiting for my replacement phone…the one i ordered on April 7th.  nope, nothing is ever easy. 


but i’m determined.  and i will freakin make it happen if it’s the last thing i do.  i will have my canon eos 5d mark II.  and if i have to spend 2 hrs on hold with crappy reject classical music, so be it.  it will be here by thursday if i have to freakin build it myself. 



oh, yes, i know i am being an uber spoiled brat about this.  i’m fully aware.  but i talked to mother goose, and she said “eff off”. 

you better believe it

so yep.  i’m going to stick with that.


life lesson learned.  but i am still stubborn.




Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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