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so, i just did the math.  and i’m behind on Project 2,010 Hugs.  again.

i was doing so well!  i was a freakin hugging machine for the month of february!  and in march, i didn’t do too bad.

but math doesn’t lie.  unless you do it incorrectly.  and since i was born from a freakin math teacher, i know that my calculations are correct to the 10th decimal point.  and that 10th decimal point says “you are behind by 133”.

crap.  crap on toast.  crap in a freaking boat.

so far behind! what am i going to do?!?!?!

well, don’t really crap in a boat.  unless it’s in the boat’s bathroom….that’s just rude if you took a crap on the boat.  and i don’t care if it’s called the “poopdeck”.

so here’s the deal, kiddos.  i need to get some pics of some freakin awesome hugs.  and i need your help.  i can’t just hug myself.  not only is that just sad and pathetic, but it also makes for a really boring hug album.  so if you see me, and you’re willing to take a hug pic, let me know.  because i need them.  desperately.

there.  that’s my plea.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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