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happy belated earth day everyone!

it’s a beautiful day outside.  yes indeedie.  makes ya just want to go out and tip-toe through the tulips.  and say “thanks, mother earth, for bein so rocktastic”.

and last weekend, i had a really fun, earth friendly adventure with my cousin, A Sizzle.  we went to the book store.

“but, meredith, how is going to the book store ‘earth friendly’?  books are made from trees, which are cut down…depleating our earth of her ‘lungs’?”  one might say.

well, one, first of all…way to be a buzz kill on books.  but more importantly, it was how i got to the book store that was earth friendly.  it was in a fully electric Zenn car!

*oooooo, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh*

a Zero Emissions No Noise car.  they are super cute and tiny.

see? super cute! and no pollution!

unfortunately, i cannot call it my own.  it belongs to my dad.  but i did get to take it out for a spin about town.

which is fun, and interesting.  when i turned it on, i kept waiting to hear the engine catch.  but it doesn’t.  because it’s electric.  the engine, when you’re stopped, is dead silent.  when we were sitting at the stoplight, i was a little worried that the car had turned off.  but it hadn’t…it’s just quiet, like a thief in the night.

is it a speed demon?  hell no.  it’s top speed is 35 mph.  when you get to the max speed, you’re like “sweet!  we’re cruisin!  let’s kick this puppy into high gear!”.  then i put the pedal to the metal.  and realized that it was already there.  but whatever…people behind me can just get over it.

can you go on a long road trip in it?  only if you want to stop every 30 miles.  that’s how far the battery will take you.  but to refuel, alls you gotta do is plug that sucker in!  just pop it onto the curb (it’s curb legal) and ask a buddy for the use of their electricity.  then bust out the ole extension cord & charge away!

yep. it's literally an extention cord.

i really wish that i had one for myself.  not as my main car (i can’t go only 35mph forever…i need to haul ass sometimes when i’m running late), but as my “about town” car it would be perfection.  and i’d want it to be candy apple red.  so that i could look like the apple car from The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

although the smart cars really look more like pretend Zenn car could be its cousin or something


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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