Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




oh man, i can’t believe that i’m going to admit this.  it’s pretty embarrassing.  but if you can’t tell your blog, who can you tell? 

ok, here it goes. 

i love really cheesy, made-for-tv movies.  like the super cheesy, abc family, made-for-tv movies.  worse, is that i even dvr-ed one on sunday.  

but how can you not like them?  they have an exact formula that is perfect for single gals like me who are mostly cynical about “love” on the outside but are just big ole romantics underneath it all (i like to call myself a “practical romantic”).  and these movies just exaggerate all the love stories that you heard as a kid. 

here’s the formula: 

1)  the main character.  she’s sparkly and beautiful.  but there’s one flaw: she’s….dun dun duuuhhhhh….single 

oh, the horror!  single in a sea of couples!  how will she ever make it through life? 

2) enter in an impossible situation with a ridiculous solution 

in the movie i watched last night, she landed a cover story for Cosmo…even though she’d only been published once before.  but she’s got a Cosmo story.  now she just has to snag a job working in corporate america (that she is completely unqualified for) and “date a suit”.  easy breezy!

funky designer ensemble, check. because, you know, all single twenty-somethings with a low paying job have designer ensembles.

3) everything goes along swimmingly 

she’s pulling off her elaborate scheme to fit in someplace that she “doesn’t belong”, she gets the “man of her dreams” (who is smart, funny, kind, with well-defined abs) or something like that 

4) until *BAM!* something really crappy happens. 

normally this is something like she gets caught in a lie.  not because she’s a bad person, but because she just isn’t being true to herself.  or the “man of her dreams” turns out to be a jerk. 

5) life lesson time! 

she realizes that #4 only happened because she wasn’t being herself!  she shouldn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t!  so she comes clean, apologizes.  sometimes there are tears, but there is always a “best friend” that gives sage advice. 

see? she looks so sad...cue up the inner monologue about learning something.

6) forgiveness, acceptance, and the man of her dreams 

everyone makes up, the past mistakes are forgotten.  she and the real “man of her dreams” are united in some mad dash to right whatever colossal mistake she made.  normally, this “man of her dreams” turns out to be the trusty best guy buddy that was there in front of her the whole time!  how did she not see that he was perfect man for her THE WHOLE TIME?!? 

7) happily ever after 

and, ladies, this could happen to you too!  just be yourself & prince charming will be there!! 


yes, i am fully aware of how archaic this formula is.  i am.  and i am fully aware of how completely unrealistic it is.  i mean, c’mon…they always live in some big flashy apartment in NYC or San Fransisco.  really?  because from what i’ve heard, you can’t live in a penthouse apt on a struggling 20 something’s salary. 

yep, pretty sure that apartments like this in NYC are more than $400 a month.

 and they always wear super crazy, designer outfits.  because, you know, the rent on their ginormous NYC penthouse is so affordable that they’re able to quickly nip over to Barney’s and pick up a new pair of shoes. 

but even though i know it is stupid fluff, i still secretly love them.  well, not so secretly anymore.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “I HAVE A CONFESSION

  1. My apt in NYC is the size of that table. And thank God I work in fashion and get gifted clothes, because I couldn’t afford those either. Ah…life. xoxo

    • did i mention that i’m super jealous of the free clothes? well, i am. very. and if you ever are gifted a fabulous large sunhat and don’t want it, i’m totally willing to take it off of your hands. i mean, i’ll make that sacrifice for you, it’s no biggie.

      haha. hope you’re doing wonderful up in the NYC.

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