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oh rainy, gray days.  they always make me wish that i was somewhere sunny.  especially somewhere that has sparkling blue water and white sandy beaches.  specifically, belize. 


how i love belize.  it was my favorite vacation ever.  Virgin Gorda in BVI was a close second, but belize stole my heart when i stepped off of the plane.


 a perfect combination of rainforest beauty (The lodge at Chaa Creek) and beachy relaxation (Victoria House Resort). 

if only i could be sitting right there, in the chair on the right.

great cultural site-seeing, with the mayan ruins of Tikal and canoeing through caves. 

the view from temple IV, taken by yours truly. i climbed a billion tiny stairs to get this picture. totally worth it


we bravely traveled the "xibalba" (the mayan underground) in canoes.

sun, beach, ocean, and tons of family fun.

chillin on the catamaran after my brush with the barracuda

snorkeling in clear blue water.  we saw 2 barracudas.  i freaked out because i forgot to take off my gold bangle.  i swear, there was a moment where the barracuda looked at me like i was a glittery, tasty snack.  i mentally said “please, don’t take a bite out of me.”  it didn’t.  thank goodness.  that would’ve put a damper on the vaca.


and right now i wish i could teleport myself and all of the people that i love there.  for a week of fun and chillaxin.

maybe if i close my eyes and click my black, pointy-toed flats (i left my ruby red slippers at home) three times, i’ll be there…

*eyes squeezed shut* 

there’s no place like belize.  there’s no place like belize.  there’s no place like belize.

*peek the left eye open*

nope.  still here in OKC.  bummer, i totally thought it would work.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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