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i love my condo.  mostly because it’s mine.  all mine. 

one of the most glorious realizations when i bought it was that i could paint the walls any color i wanted to.  i was no longer tied to the blank white walls of apartment living.  and paint them, i did.  i have zero white walls in my house.

the second most glorious realization is that i can decorate it any way that i want.  more importantly, i wouldn’t have to limit myself to what i can pack into a single u-haul for when i moved next.  because i don’t plan on moving.  or at least for a while yet.


my mom’s side of the family shares my love of decorating.  i guess it would be more accurate to say that i came by my love of decorating from them.  the plus side to this is that when i was looking to fill up my new space, i had access to 3 storage units and a plethora of furniture options.  did i mention that my family loves decorating?  yeah, that’s kind of an understatement.  their storage units are like a treasure trove of interesting, classic pieces.  which is a-ok with me.  i love to mix interesting, classic pieces with funky and unusual trinkets and kabobbles.

one of my prized finds in the good ole storage unit was my great-aunt’s sofa.  it has clean lines.  its made by shaw (which my mom keeps telling me is a great brand).  its long enough for you to fully stretch out on.  and its red corduroy.  which is my absolute favorite thing about it.  who has a red corduroy sofa?  this girl does.

siesta time for me on the sofa

see?  perfect for napping.  it’s kind of a crap pic of the sofa, but it gives you the general idea.


but here’s the problem.  too many siestas have been taken on the sofa.  by me, by my guy buddies when they crash at my place, and by Mr Bix (and his chew toys).  after 5 years, it’s seen quite a bit of wear-&-tear.  much more than it ever saw at my great-aunt mildred’s house.  really, it just needs to be re-upholstered and perhaps have a few springs replaced.


but how to re-upholster it?  or, do i save my pennies and nickels for a new one?  ok, ok.  let’s me be honest with myself.  the sofa is waaaay down on the list of things that i should or need to buy (the camera’s 1st, then wood floors, then a billion other things).


but it doesn’t hurt to dream!  and dream i have.  here are a few lil dreams i found last night.

i love all of the bright, unexpected patterns.


clean, classic lines with just a hint of girly-ness. i love french provincial furniture

the first one is a little too wild for real use.  but the french provincial one…*sigh*…i love it.  i want the main cushions and back to be in a soft, buttery yellow.  with feather stuffed cushions so that you just sink into them.  and then the back to be covered in a bold black & white damask (sort of like my bathroom’s wallpaper).  i want it, i do!  very very much!


oh, and although it totally isn’t a sofa, i found this bed frame that i love.  it’s so whimsical.  it’d be like sleeping in a tree.  like a wood nymph.  alas, it is waaaaaaaay too large for my bedroom.  and, i love my bedroom set (it was my paternal grandmother’s.  she’s not around anymore, so it’s nice to have a piece that was hers).

different bedding, of course.

but it doesn’t make this one any less fun to look at.


oh furniture…how i love thee.


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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