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i will start off by saying that Vampire Weekend was incredible.  in.cred.ible.


the journey there & back…well, that’s a different story.  one i would like to call “the little weekend that could”.

it’s a story about a determined young lady who loves music.  that young lady is me.


once upon a january, i bought tickets with my friends to see Vampire Weekend in Dallas.  it was a glorious day.  full of hope and sunshine beams and fluffy rabbits that went hoppity-skip in the meadow.  it was a day that created a rainbow that bridged from the month of january to the month of april.  and on april 11th there was a giant pot of gold at the end…Vampire Weekend. 

i made plans to ensure that april 11th would be all that it promised.  i reached out to my Dallas homies, Ldawg & the Lumberjack, for shelter.  i tucked aside a little local currency for gas/food/beers/concert-t purchases.  i high-fived KK and toasted the Ax and the pied piper in our fortune of purchasing tickets when they sold out in 2 hours.

time crept by slowly.  but eventually the weekend approached.


and so did the first bump in the road.

meredith has no money

ah crap.  no money.  none in the bank for the weekend…only for bills.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

KK to the rescue!  she’s getting a fatty check for doing breath-taking photography!  and she’s kind enough to offer to be my sponsor for the trip. 

sweet!  back on track!

but…wait…what is that i see?  is that another?  couldn’t be.  but it is.  dammit.

KK's expected check didn't come in time

dangit.  dangit all to hades.  i have no money.  KK has no money.  how are we going to fund this trip?  i can’t fill the car up on sick jams.  it’s pretty insistent on it being gasoline.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

only one thing to do.  go to the parental units and beg for money.  i now have to help my father with backyard chores and with any other household chore that he can think of.  but i acquired money money money.  2 hundie to get me and the KK to dallas and back, with a few cheap beers and a dollar menu special each in between.


so sunday morning rolls around.  i have to drop off Mr Bix at my mom’s, swing by my dad’s and pick up the fundage, and then get the lovely KK.  after that, it’s nothin but 190 miles of I-35 between us and a most excellent weekend.

ah, if only it was that easy.

where do you think you're going? to a concert with a 2 yr old?

well, i was going somewhere.  but you can’t take a 2 yr old to a concert.  what’s even more frowned upon is leaving a 2 yr old at home all alone.  and KK is not a horrible parent like that (she is an A+100 type of parent)

unfortunately, babysitter plans fell through for KK.  which meant she couldn’t go.  i was left to make the journey south by my lonesome.  and as much as it made my heart sad and the drive long and boring, i had to make it to Dallas.  i just HAD TO.

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

so at 1:30pm, i left the OKC and KK.  i shed a few tears between moore and paul’s valley.  then i dried them, poured a sip of my Big Gulp Coca-Cola Classic fountain drink for my homie on I-35, and crossed into tejas.


on the way i called Ldawg and asked if she wanted to take the extra ticket, which she did.  i arrived at her house (only got turned around once and almost hit a scooter) in a grizzly bear mood.  especially because my phone died and i wasn’t able to coordinate the meet-up times with the rest of the group.  so i growled at Ldawg and stomped around the bathroom as i did my hair.  but luckily Ldawg is very sweet and understanding.  she didn’t yell at me (which i deserved) and instead got ready in a whirl of clothes so we could go early.  a formal blog “thank you” goes out to her.  i was a brat and she put up with me. 

huzzah! destination House of Blues and Vampire Weekend!! FINALLY!


we finally made it!  we were finally at the House of Blues!  after a hamburger, a beer, and the hilarity of playing “which band are those people (point to a group of tweens, cougars and silver foxes in tight jeans, or a hipster twenty-somethings) here to see…hannah montana’s best friend whats-her-name, vampire weekend, or bon jovi?”, i felt ready to rock & roll.  i returned to my sunbeam disposition.


the Ax and the pied piper & friends enjoyed the show from the 2nd row of people.  Ldawg and i tried to get through, but the fight in me was all drained out.  so instead, we found a leisurely table right behind the sound board guy with a center view of the entire stage.  it is dazzling experience to see one of your top 20 favorite bands play so close that you can see the sweat drip off of their face.  but to not be jostled, not stare at some man-mountain’s back, not have 7 strangers invading my personal space, have my exact spot saved when i return from the bathroom, and have ice-cold miller highlife brought to me by a waitress?  all while beeboppin along to the bouncy music of Vampire Weekend? heaven.  absolute heaven. 

the only downside was that i couldn’t turn to the Ax and say “holy crap, we’re really here!!!!”.  i did miss that.  however, we did meet up after the show was over and head (in a jeep full of 8 people…like a clown car) to the old monk for the post concert re-cap and beers.


i made it.  i made it to the show.  and although there were crazy obstacles to overcome (‘010 won the road trip aspect), i still freakin made it (victory to me for the actual time in Dallas).  Vampire Weekend rocked the socks right off of my feet.


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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