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but that didn’t stop mine from trying.


yesterday was a lovely day outside.  instead of shutting myself in the gym for my daily dose of cardio, i decided to walk mr bix around the lake.  added bonus, ms Mbrown decided to join me (after i mocked her for being in her pjs at 7pm).

i arrived home from work, changed into some awesome spandex pants (yay spandex!), a t-shirt, and my trusty running kicks.  i was thoughtful enough to take my Hill Country Ride for AIDS water bottle and backpack.  you know, in case we were parched.

i had a moment, when i was putting my keys, phone & wallet in my back pack that “hey, if this water bottle dumps, that’d be tragic…maybe this isn’t such a great idea”.  i double checked the lid and assured myself that it was secure and a-ok.  mr bix, check.  Mbrown, check.  ready to rock around the lake, check.


c'mon bix! let's rock and roll!


so walking around the lake is super fantastic.  i definitely plan to go again and boonswangle any of my friends that i can to join me.  we didn’t walk the whole way because of the setting sun, but we did a nice 1hr jaunt.  only downfall is that mr bix needs to learn some etiquette and not bark viciously at other dogs walking by.  other than that…delightfulness squared.

until we were about 20 feet from our cars.


at this point, i realize that my back is super sweaty.  now, we were walking at a pretty good clip, but it wasn’t anything sweat inducing.  i took off my backpack to inspect it.

and there my blackberry is. 

ooo, it's fancy and even in a flowery water cap. too bad it's still a crap at swimming

floating in water.  the water from my water bottle whose lid was securely fastened.  or not.


pure panic, my friends.  absolute, gut wrenching panic.

what am i going to do without my phone?!  it’s my brain!  my lifeline!  my cure for being bored while waiting in line!


what if i fell down the stairs and broke my leg?  what if a tornado hit my house, how could i send a mass “farewell” text?  what if the dreamy peter krause found out i existed and was trying to call me?  what if my house was broken into?  what if my electricity went off and i had no idea what time it was?  what if i ran out of gas on the highway?  what if something really amazing happened and i needed to update my facebook status?  what if someone had an emergency and was trying to reach me?  what if a unicorn came to visit, how would i be able to call my friends to tell them?  what if i was going to be a winner on a radio show contest?  what if i forgot what time i work at tomorrow?


what did i do to deserve this?!?

was it yesterday’s dance?  was it too much early-morning joy?

cue the sad music played by a string quartet

i have never felt so isolated.

oh, and none of the above freak-out actually happened.  my phone swimming in water and dying happened.  but i didn’t break a leg or have a visit from a unicorn or run out of gas or miss a call from peter krause.  which really bums me out about peter krause.  i’ve had a crush on him since “Sports Night”.  i think he is an absolute dreamcatcher. 



Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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