Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




…and i am a dining-out-aholic.


today, i had to have an intervention with myself after reviewing my online bank account. 

me:  wow, where does all of my money go?!  why do i always feel so broke?

intervention me:  hmmm, let’s think about that while we take a looksie at the transactions…qdoba, which wich, qdoba, cool greens, cafe 501, jimmy johns, pho’nomenal, taco bell…

me:  are you trying to comment on something?

intervention me:  who?  me?  oh, neeeever.  why don’t we count how many times you went to a restaurant vs. how many times you went to the grocery store this month?  that should be fun!

me:  god, you are so annoying.  quit being such a douche & hinting around.  speak up.  say it, out loud.

intervention me: vampire!  baaaaahahahaha.  oh twilight…such great over-dramatic quotes!

me:  dude, grow up.

intervention me:  oh fine then, party pooper.  you go out to eat too much.  way way way too much.

you're a.... dining-out-aholic!


as much as i hate to say it, that snarky intervention me has a point.  i never cook.  ever.  in fact, 26 out of the 43 transactions were from restaurants.  that’s 60%.   how many times did i go to the grocery store?  oh don’t make me laugh.  i haven’t been there since last year!


but i loooooooove going out to eat.  i love it, i do!  the food is better than anything i can cook, and it’s so pretty too!  look, look:


pretty, happy food! (that i did not make. or really eat for that's just a picture)


now doesn’t that just look delightful?

and i love finding new, hidden places that no one has heard of.  i love having many different options, i’m not tied down by the ingredients residing in my fridge.

not to mention that i am a horrible cook.  i can barely make cereal!  i don’t magically know what flavors go together.  and how do you know what temperature to set the oven on?  for how long?  i can’t survey the fridge and say “hmmm, i’ve got brussel sprouts, 2 slices of bread, and some turkey…i think i’ll make super-impressive-master-cheffery turkey!  BAM!  no no no.  i can barely boil water for pasta.

see? even my cereal is sad! domestic goddess, i am not.


excuses, excuses.  i need to be better about this.  i am working out, and eating out every meal is not helping with the calorie intake.  while the food is high in yum, it is low in good-for-me.  annie bee looked amazing when i visited (well, she always looks amazing…)  when i asked what her secret was, she smugly replied “tacos and chocolate milkshakes”.


tacos and chocolate milkshakes?! i can do that!

and while it’s really tacos on whole wheat tortillas heaping with veggies and lean protein…it’s still a yummy taco.

and while the chocolate milkshake is really a whey protein shake with frozen spinach blended in…it still is a yummy chocolate shake.

yep.  i can do that.  with healthy snacks in between.


get thee to a grocery store! and fast!

where, oh where could the wheat tortillas be?



so here is a mini-challenge to me.  ooooooo, i love a good challenge!  almost as much as i love going to different restaurants.  i am going to see how long can avoid going out to eat.  i am going to say “NO!” to the lunch ordering crew and “what’s up, what’s up” to my homemade lunch.  complete with a brown bag and a note from bix saying “have a great day, sunshine!”.  ok, so maybe not the note…mr bix doesn’t know how to write. 

wish me luck, kiddos…this is gonna be a bitch.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

3 thoughts on “HELLO, MY NAME IS MEREDITH…

  1. I think I must take on a similar challenge for the next couple of months. My bank-account thinks so at least.
    Good luck ;)

  2. I miss you

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