Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




“zack morris” time in…so here’s what else went down on my fantastic austin mini-vaca. 



i had my first official time playing on the nintendo wii.  i’ve kinda played it before, but just briefly. 

and while it was tons of fun, it made me realize one major thing: i suck at Mario.  i am absolutely horrible.  atrociously horrible.  i would literally die, then come back, only to jump directly into a goomba.  i’m so bad, that rickford picked my guy up and threw me at a ghost to kill me so that he could finish the level.  how sad is that?  and i used to have mad skills at playing mario.  oh well.  good thing “mario playing skills” aren’t essential to life.  



i dominated my goal to hang out with annie bee, rickford, and hug a crap ton of texans.  but my friends, there was a giant fail for the ‘eating at yummy places’ goal.   

it was a true “failure to lunch”.  get it?  it’s kind of like “failure to launch”…the epic movie starring sarah jessica parker and matthew mcconaughey…man, i’m so funny.  it takes years of training to be this funny.  yep. 

but seriously…worst dining experiences EVER.  the only place that wasn’t a disappointment was Trudy’s.  in fact, Trudy’s rocked. 

delish delish delish


the beloved mexi mart

 how can i be mad at that?  bright sunny day, check.  patio, check.  awesome company, check.  good food and booze, check & check.

but kerbey lane?  wah wah wah…utter fail.  we had a jackass waiter.  he greeted us by saying “hey guys.  i’m feelin a bit rough this morning, so…yeah…you know.”  then he proceeded to toss straws at annie bee while she asked a questions.  seriously?  seriously?   

look, i don’t expect much from my waiters.  i don’t expect to be dazzled or entertained.  i mean, if i am…awesome.  but i don’t expect it.  what i do expect is for my waiter to be courteous.  if you’re courteous, i’m willing to let most things slide.  even if you fuck up on my order or forget to refill my drink.  but, to be a complete dick?  um, no. 
we’re not friends, dude…i don’t get or appreciate or give a flying fuck about your hipster ‘tude.  i’m just tryin to eat.
and on top of that the eggs francisco were sub par and they fucked up annie bee’s salad.  how you fuck up a salad, i’m not quite sure.
not only that, but taco bell closed down at 2am…we rolled up at 1:55 and they gave us the silent treatment until 2am (something something, taco bell…something something, incomplete said in darth vader voice).  mr natural’s was closed on sunday.  our 2nd choice, hula hut, was waaaaay too crowded (45 mins, no thank you).  and our 3rd choice, abel’s on the lake, was blah but i ate it anyway.  which was good because i was getting hangry (hungry + angry= hangry).

rickford's sandwich was the only dish that was delish...damn him and his smug smile!



luckily, the trip wasn’t all about food.   


it was about hanging out with my kick-ass friends.  and meeting their kick-ass friends. 

cue up the “introspective epiphany” music, kiddos… 

my life can be crazy.  in fact, i’d say that i don’t have much “luck”.  but one thing i do have is amazing friendships.  the kind where i can go months without seeing them (because we live in different states, not because i’m a jackass who doesn’t call) and we’re able to pick up right where we left off.  the kind where i can just hang out and be me…i don’t have to impress them or feel like i have to be a specific “version” of me.  the kind where i feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have met such beautiful people. 

amazing friends in spades (both in okc and in various different cities), checkity check check check. 


and my friends are so b’dass, that they even know that i will be sad my vaca is over and that i couldn’t take my austin friends back to okc with me.  so when they pick me up from the airport, they invite me over and make a delightful crab-leg and shrimp boil and watch ‘the blind side’ with me.  yeah, KK is b’dass like that. 

crab legs, shrimpies and corn…yum yum!



BAM!  epiphany bomb dropped!!! 


and i just realized that i said “it wasn’t all about food” and then posted another pic of food.  in case you haven’t already guessed…i’m about to eat lunch and am hungry.  ah, classic. 


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “ADVENTURES IN AUSTIN-LAND (pt 2)

  1. I’m pretty sure that Mario skills – are indeed – life essential.

    If you never played Mario, would you know what to do when you spot a giant question mark sandwiched between some brick?

    I think not.

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