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to say the weekend was “awesome” would be a gross understatement.  

it was beyond ‘awesome’.  it passed ‘amazing’.  it laughed at the word ‘fantastic’.  and it made ‘outstanding’ seem like a debbie downer.  

and as much as i want to try to explain every tiny bit of it, i won’t.  because 1/2 of it wouldn’t make any sense…tons and tons of inside jokes…and it would take me about a million years to type and about 2 million years to read.  and if your attention span is like mine, that of a goldfish, then that’s about 2 million years too many.  

so here’s the deal i’ll make with you…i’ll make a quick list of the hilarious (to me, annie bee, and rickford) inside jokes for my reference.  and then i’ll do a brief break-down of some highlights.  complete with pics, natch.  how does that sound?  fair enough?  

first up…inside jokes.  

  • like a boss. *clap clap* hiss. 
  • crunchin on a carrot 
  • “this is just like the scene in failure to launch…” 
  • “stroud-shimi…they don’t believe me, when i tell them you’re half pyrene-es…” 
  • rickford throwing me at a ghost 
  • butt-smacker (said in a high-brow english accent) 
  • dinosaur poop 

…and many more.  but those were the best  


now on to the highlights…   

i finally got to see Android, No! play (my friend rickford’s the sax player) at the Red Eyed Fly.  now, i knew rickford was good.  and it’s not that i expected them to be bad or anything.  i just expected it to be like a garage band.  

i would like to officially apologize to Android, No! for thinking that.  they were not bad.  they were not good.  they were fucking brilliant.   

it was bananas to watch them play and then look around at all of the people there.  the venue was looking pretty empty when we first got there.  but as Android, No! started to rock n’ roll, it started to fill up.  and it wasn’t just friends of the band.  complete strangers were rockin out, dancing, singing the hooks.   

they rocked the socks right off of my feet

color me impressed.  

even if i wasn’t great friends with rickford, i would pay to see them again.  and when they make their cd, i will gladly fork over the money to buy it.  gladly.  and that’s sayin a heck of a lot, because i NEVER like paying a cover to see a show if i can get away with it.  

they have a groovy, experimental blues sound.  and it just makes you want to move your feet.  and i did.  and i will make it down there to see them play again.  become a fan of their’s on facebook.  just freakin do it.  you’ll thank me later.  

i took a ton of Project 2,010 Hugs pictures.  mostly with friends of annie bee’s and rickfords.  not too many stranger hugs.  except for the Green Peace guys we met on guadalupe.  they were pretty funny cats.  i added 72 pics to the fan page, bringing the total to 505.  not too shabby.  it’s got a good beat, i can dance to it.   

here are some faves:  

  1. me hugging Annie Bee’s face

    i heart this lady's face....and i hug it too!

  2. Eli (the Hill Country Ride for AIDS’  intern) somehow crammed 2 tangelos in his mouth.  it was horrifying.  so i had to take a pic of me hugging him. 

    he kinda looks like jar-jar binks from the star wars episodes.

  3. Annie Bee & Skylar’s hug.  the close up of his face if effing hilarity in picture form.  

    hahahaha...still funny.

  4. Rickford looking terrified while hugging his jacket 

    you look like a rabbit

  5. hugging the Green Peace kids 

    gotta love talking to strangers

there were a ton more hug-tastic pics, i posted them on the Project 2,010 Hugs fan page…so check it out. 



i have made the proto-type for a Project 2,010 Hug t-shirt whilst in austin.  it is super rad and i love it.  i plan on making more.  and rocking them. 

if you want to rock one as well, give me a shout and i’ll make you one that you can buy.  yes, you will have to buy it.  but IT’S FOR A REALLY GOOD CAUSE!  i plan on donating all of the proceeds to Hill Country Ride for AIDS.  since i can’t participate in the ride, i wanted to find another way to help.  but wait, i can make cool t-shirts.  *bingo bango bongo*  a way for me to help raise money & awareness.  i’m not sure how much they’ll be yet.  i have to price t-shirts and the kind that i want to make it (the kind i used for the proto-type sucks, but it was cheap & i wasn’t sure how’d they turn out).  but once i do, i’ll make an uber official post about it.   

dude, check it out….you know you want to be cool and have your very own!

so be a peach…but a t-shirt.  it’s hip. it’s cool. it’s locally made. it’ll be an original. but most importantly it will help humanity.  how cool is that?! 




there is so much more that i want to tell…but this is a really good place to stop and KK is making a delish dinner of crab legs.  i really should help.  so i will do a ‘zack morris time-out’ and pick it up tomorrow on my lunch break.


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  1. I would totally buy a shirt!!

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