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greeeeeetings from austin!

i have been awake since 5:10am.  and that’s not “staying up to see 5:10am”.  it’s i actually woke up at 5:10am.  which is absolutely b-a-n-a-n-a-s.  i honestly don’t know why that time exists.  it doesn’t seem all that interesting.

but what is interesting AND fun is being in austin with my annie bee.

after a way early morning for a way early flight.  with a kid banging on the seat back tray way early.  seriously, i think they should make separate flights for ill-behaved children.  if you’re a well-behaved child, you’re more than welcome to fly with me.  but if you’re a brat, sorry kid…move it to another plane.

anyroo, i arrived in one piece.  no crashing, no missing of flights.  annie bee picked me up.  and there was lots of shrieking “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod” and jumping up and down and waving of arms when i saw her.  yes, i am that girl.  especially when i haven’t seen my annie bee since october.

we ate breakfast (delish breakfast tacos from a gas station.  sounds weird, but they were divine), i took a quick shower to get the general feeling of grimy-ness from traveling off of me, and we headed up to annie’s job.

where i am currently decked out in some free swag (neon 80s-esque glasses, a slap bracelet, and a t-shirt.  holla!) and scouring the web for awesome spandex pictures.

why spandex pics?

well….let me tell you.  annie bee is super rad and works for this fantastico non-profit called Hill Country Ride for AIDS.  it’s this really amazing organization that raises money for 10 local charities in austin (AIDS Services of Austin, ALLGO, The C.A.R.E. Program, The C.A.R.E. Communities, Community Action, Friends of David Powell Health Center, Out Youth Austin, Project Transitions, Waterloo Counselling Center, The Wright House Wellness Center).  oh, did i mention that they’re the 2nd largest AIDS fund raiser in the nation?  cuz they are.  for more info, check out their website.  i strongly recommend it.  and if you want to participate in it, you should.  it’s an amazing thing to do…help out mankind!  added bonus, i have it from a reliable source that the riders get a free massage at the end of the ride.

their new campaign for this year is called “Spandex Saves“.  how freakin awesome is that?!

but wait, there’s more!  the mayor of austin declared April 9th as “wear spandex to work” day.  i think this is something that needs to happen everywhere.  i mean, who doesn’t love a lil spandex?!  and the more outrageous, the better.

currently, i am at the Hill Country Ride for AIDS’ main business office, goofing off while the annie bee cranks out some emails (like a boss).  her task for me, should i accept it (and i did), was to find dazzling spandex pics online for the “Spandex Saves” website’s gallery.  oh mylanta.  there is a lot of spandex in this world.  and i love every single clingy fiber of it.  here are some of my faves…

1)  David Bowie

there are two fantastic Bowie pics.  i have one from the Ziggy Stardust era (a flamboyantly inspired era).

who else could pull that look off? he's majestic.

and of course, the labyrinth.  although i was pissed because the one picture i wanted from the labyrinth had a circle drawn around the cod piece.  to the dude who drew that: don’t be lame.  we all see it.  and it is glorious in only the way that David Bowie can be glorious.  way to ruin the pic.  you douche.

you remind me of the babe. what babe? the babe with the power. what power? the power of voodoo. who do. you do. do what? you remind me of the babe. i saw my baaaaaaby, cryin hard as babes could cry...

2)  Early 90s TV Spandex

ah, saved by the bell.  kelly kapowski, jessie spano, and lisa turtle were my idols as a kid.  i wanted to be kelly kapowski.

from the infamous episode where jessie pops diet pills

can’t forget early 90s workout videos!  especially if it’s of eric nies from the real world

don’t lie, you stood in front of your t.v. and worked out with eric. i know i did.

3)  Astounding Dancers Spandex.

how do they do that?  i so wish that i could.  jealous.

i just love the visual image this creates


look at that pointed toe! seriously!

4)  Hairband Spandex

the masters of spandex.  and they were serious about it too.

hahaha, i freakin love it

and you can’t forget the king of 80’s spandex.  ladies and gentlemen…mr david lee roth


man, there are way too many awesome spandex pics.  i have like another 30 pics that i absolutely love.  and it is taking all of the self restraint that i have not to post them all.  but then this post would be 5 miles long & i’d lose y’all.  so just take my word for it that there are other spectacular spandex pics.  we are living in a material world, and i am a material girl.  oh, and the material is SPANDEX!!!!!!

now that i have delighted your visual sense with spandex images, i am off to take a leisurely walk with my annie bee.  we plan to lunch and soak up some patio time.  the day is


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. I’d like to be in Austin.


  2. I would wear spandex every single day if it were socially acceptable. Yep!

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