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and i totally know when i’ll be back…it’ll be on monday. 

but tomorrow…ooohhhhh tomorrow!…i’ll be boarding a plane and headed down south to a little place called “austin, texas”.  oh how i love a quick flight (better than the 6 hr drive.  trust.)  one minute i’m in okc.  then *bang zip woosh* i’m in austin.  i love flying.  well, i love the middle part of flying.  and the getting there in a speedy manner part of flying.  the actual take off and landing freak me the fuck out.  that’s the part when i calculate the chance of us crashing in a fiery twist of metal.  meh.  the risk of all that is lower than if i were driving.  and i do love the middle part, where you’re cruising above the clouds.  and the being there in a speedy manner.  that’s always nice. 

see ya later suckas! vrooooooom (or whatever noise a jet engine makes)

yippee! hooray!  woohoo!  yippee! hooray!  woohoo!  yippee! hooray!  woohoo!  yippee! hooray!  woohoo! 

oh the plans i have for this little 4 day trip. 

i plan to hang out with one of my bestest friends, annie bee.  i mean, seriously hang out.  i haven’t seen her in forever and i love that ladybug so much.  it’s going to be 4 days of quality ‘meredith and annie bee hangout’ time 

check out this chick...isn't she super rad?! i sure think so

and i plan to hang out with rickford, annie’s manfriend and also one of my bestest guy buddies.  added bonus, i finally get to see him & his band, android, no!, play at the red eyed fly.  sa-weet.  tooooootally excited about that.  and we might even get to play a little halo, which one of the two video games i don’t totally suck at (the other is guitar hero.  i love me some guitar hero). 


thirdly, i plan to eat at all my favorite austin places.   

oh, how i miss kerbey lane.  where everyone that works there are rockstars at night and therefore provide really crappy service but the food is oh-so-delish and is totally worth the 30 minute wait.  the eggs francisco are simply divine 

i can’t wait to visit mr natural and totally grub on their vegetarian taco salad.  the taco-shell is baked, not fried.  it is possibly one of the best taco salads i’ve ever had.  it’s the bomb dot com. 

and i can’t leave out Trudy’s.  i hope to log some time chillin on the patio sipping on some tasty mexi marts (mexican martinis, natch).  where you are only allowed 3 because of their potency.  

ah, the mexi mart. it's in a league of its own


lastly, i plan to hug the crap outta some texans.  of course, i can’t leave Project 2,010 Hugs in okc!  that would be so sad.  it’d be like the little kid running through the airport, trying to catch up to her parents (she got side tracked looking at a toy in the giftshop) only to find, upon hugging her dad’s legs, that it isn’t really her dad.  just a stranger wearing a similar coat.  yep, this happened to me once.  luckily, my dad was actually behind me and swooped me up just before i burst into tears.  don’t worry, Project 2,010 Hugs, i won’t leave you…i’ll swoop you up and then we’ll jump on the airplane and FLY TO AUSTIN!   


but just a warning to all the people at will rogers international (ha!) airport…my flight leaves at 6:35 am.  which means i will be there by 5:30.  which means i will have woken up at 5am.  not a pretty sight.  i am not a morning person and definitely will be rolling out in yoga pants and an american apparel t-shirt.  trust.  i will be looking something like this, only with longer & darker hair… 

ack! not looking my best at all!

sometimes, makeup is a must.  too bad i’ll be too grumpy and sleepy to even attempt to put it on. 


yesterday is a thing of the past.  i’m ready to rock and roll.  i’m ready to take on the giant dragon & kick its ass.  i’m really really ready to board that airplane and spend 4 days chillin in the ATX (even if it’s at 6:30am)


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Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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