Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




ah, the sweet smell of victory!


for the past 4 hours, i’ve been in a battle with the most vilest of foe…the dreaded excel spreadsheet.


now, this ain’t no ordinary excel spreadsheet.  it’s the spreadsheet for my store’s schedule. 

and this ain’t no ordinary schedule (pshaw, i can crank out a normal schedule in like 30 min.  trust.)


no.  this was the evilest, vilest, most freaking absurd schedule ever.  i’m sending one of my associates to another store to help them out.  but, oh, did i mention that i’m already short-staffed?  and that i’ll be starting a new associate in training?  oh…oh…and that there are vacation requests too (granted mine is one of them…hey, i’m going to see vampire weekend.  i can’t miss that!)?


yep.  this is a freakin nightmare of a schedule/excel spreadsheet.  a freakin “turn your brain into jello” schedule/excel spreadsheet…a freakin “you’re never going to get this to work” schedule/excel spreadsheet…a…a…a FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON of a schedule/excel spreadsheet!!!!

rar! i am a dragon schedule! i will burn your store down to a burnt crisp!!!



luckily, i enjoy puzzles.  and once the gauntlet has been thrown and the word “CHALLENGE!” has been uttered, i can’t give up.  i am one stubborn lady.


so 4 hours later, i have won.  i have made that dragon of a schedule/excel spreadsheet my bitch.  and i named it matilda.  i have the store covered, and only had to ask for help on 5 days.  sometime’s i’m so awesome, i scare myself.


now here is where i was going to put in an awesome pic of someone kicking the dragon’s ass, but when i googled “dragon slayer” all i got were scantily clad women with giant breasts.  seriously people?  seriously?


oh well, here’s one of the tamer ones that i found.

yes, this is EXACTLY what someone would wear when going up against a fire-breathing dragon with sharp teeth. EXACTLY.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. For starters, can I say “YEAHHHHHHH!!” to the picture of the um…dragon slayer? I think I just did.

    And Matilda? Nice choice. Exactly the fake name the gives out to strangers.


  2. Awesome. I had to quote you about the dragon slayer bit. I just went through the same process.. haha!
    Well said ^_^

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