Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?





this is not a story about me listening to a dreamy & young Tom Hanks pouring his heart out on a radio show and us falling in love to live happily ever after.

nope, not a story like that.


this is a story about how the stupid dramatic weather changes give me a mild case of insomnia.

soooo much more fun.

it normally happens when the seasons change.  i’ll go through a period of about a week where i can’t sleep.  but with the crazy-pants snow storm that just happened, i’ve been enjoying this seasonal side-effect for the past few nights.  it’s great, lemme tell you.  i go to bed…i’m exhausted…but my mind won’t. turn. off.  i lie awake in bed, tossing and turning, thinking of the most random things.  and finally, at around 4am, i’ll fall asleep.  only to wake up 4 hours later to my shrieking alarm. 



now, i know what you’re thinking… “meredith, why don’t you just take something like a tylenol pm?”

well, i would.  if it didn’t give me horrible nightmares.  and the sleepytime medicine in it won’t let me wake up.  so i’m stuck in nightmare-ville until it wears off.  which is possibly the worst feeling in the world…where you’re in the dream and you know you want to wake up but you can’t.  ugh, just thinking about that gives me shivers.

i’ve tried drinking warm tea.  i’ve tried relaxation techniques like imagining that my muscles are melting into the bed one by one.  i don’t watch tv in bed.  i write down the lists as they pop into my mind to try to clear it. 

nothing ever works.


plus, do i really want a list of what i’m thinking about?  i wish i could say that it’s all super smart, complex issues that i’m thinking about…like how to solve world hunger or how to stop pollution.  but i won’t lie to you like that.  heck, i guess i’ll share last night’s list with you.


last nights “list” (if i would’ve made one)

1) if mr bix was a chef, i wonder what cuisine would be his favorite to make

daaaaah-ling, my specialty is unique and tasty sandwiches...they ain't yo mama's turkey sandwich

2) how can i help increase my store’s traffic (see, this one is a smart one)

hey, all of you people, come buy stuff at my store!!

3) what would a cat look like wearing mittens

wow...a lot creepier than i thought.

4) i really want a dainty, floral dress for the spring and pair it with scuffed up combat boots

perhaps i'll even go to a tea party


why do i not own these? (a thanks to johnna for letting me know these exist...yet another thing to save for)

5) i should make a kimono robe…kinda like my halloween costume only with softer silk instead of silk brocade and less dramatic sleeves.

me & my halloween costume. i could totally make a less costumey kimono. i even sew-ed it myself (just don't look to close to the seams)!

6) i wish i lived in wonderland

i would marry the Mad Hatter and we'd have outrageous parties

7) i want my canon eos-7D now…i hate saving up for stuff

what i wish was buying instead of brake pads

8) man, i need to clean…like really clean, not the half-assed stuff i’ve been doing




yep.  there ya go.


please, please mr. sandman…let me go to sleep tonight at a normal hour…like 11:30pm or midnight.  that’s manageable.  but this 4am stuff has got to stop.  my left eye keeps twitching because it’s tired.  and i’m not a fan of that.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

2 thoughts on “SLEEPLESS IN OKC

  1. Aren’t those Bess boots amazing? I die. DIE for them.

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