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yesterday it was 72 °F. 

i wore a short-sleeved t-shirt and shorty shorts (even though i probably shouldn’t have blinded people with my pasty-white legs).  and it was fantastic.  it was sunny.  it had the perfect breeze.  and i hung out with my favorite kid, CohCoh.  we ate delicious pho with my youngest brother and his friend.  we went to target where i bought things i didn’t need and things that i thought CohCoh needed (a toy truck and the cutest t-shirt with albert einstein on it…kid needs smart clothes, he’s a smarty pants).  i sat outside and played in the sun with CohCoh.  all around, great day and victory to me!


then i woke up this morning.  word on the street was that snow was coming back.  how?  how could it be so beautifully spring-like and then *snap* revert back into winter?  i don’t listen to rumors, they just lead to trouble.  nevertheless, i peeked my head over my bed’s headboard to look outside (my bed is centered in front of the window).


snow-covered garage and swirling flurries of snow for all the eye can see.


are you freaking kidding me?!  why-oh-why is oklahoma’s weather such a fickle mistress?  why did she insist on luring all of us outside with sun beams and blue skies only to slam us back inside with frigid temps and wet, frozen water particles?


when i lived in colorado, i didn’t mind the snow so much.  because it was like movie snow.  where it’s giant fluffy white snowflakes and somehow it’s magically still sunny outside.  the streets are always clear and the snow drifts are just begging you to build a snowman or go sledding on the cafeteria trays.  it looked a little something like this:

see? it's like movie pretty


and then there’s oklahoma snow.  which is dreary.  and the roads are treacherous and specifically hate my car.  which then causes it to skid and my car flashes a light that says “slip”, and i’m like “no shit, sherlock…i know i’m slipping…just MAKE IT STOP!”  nobody knows how to drive…they think that because they have a big truck it makes them invincible (newsflash: it doesn’t, especially if there’s ice under the snow).  it’s not pretty and fluffy, it doesn’t inspire snowball fights and snow-forts.  it’s just cold, and wet, and gray.  like this:


i hate you, oklahoma snow.  i hate you like poison.


ok, ok…so colorado snow wasn’t always picturesque.  i’m sure that the 5 yrs of me being gone has caused me to romanticize it a bit.  but it really was breathtaking 85% of the time.

and oklahoma snow isn’t so horrible.  well, actually it kind of is.  but only because we get it so infrequently…or at least we normally don’t.  this is…what…armaggedon pt 3?  yeesh.


mostly i’m just worried because my knight, Sir Brimsy, in shining Sports Utility Vehicle isn’t here to chauffeur me home and i’m actually going to have to drive my roller-skate of a sports car home *eek!*  and then i have no food at my house because i fail at grocery shopping.  so if i get stranded at home (and that’s most likely going to happen), it’ll be popcorn for dinner and popcorn for breakfast.


oh.  and i forgot to wear my coat.  it’s currently 29.5 °F with a windchill of 18 °F.  who does that?

 today goes to ‘010…you dreary, snowy, treacherous road causing sonuvabeech.


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!

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