Merry Merry Quite Contrary how does the story go?




oh, week 2 of operation sexy back.


last night i worked out with Roo, biceps and triceps with a dash of cardio.  i am very proud of us…the 2 treadmills (why they have only 2, i don’t know.  you’d think the gym would have more than that) were occupied with no chance of being vacated before the gym closed.  instead of saying ‘oh well’ to the cardio, we went outside and ran suicides.  which, i will admit, i’m the one who suggested.  and promptly remembered why they are called ‘suicides’. 

ugh.  i had a flashback to field hockey practice…and our really scary coach.  at least we didn’t have to do the chair sits against the wall.  those were the WORST.

but we made it through a set of 3, sprinting on the last leg back.  i feel very proud of myself.  and i’m not dying like i was last week.  i mean, i’m still out of shape and have miles to go before i am in shape.  but this morning i didn’t have to hoist myself out of bed like an old lady.  so yay for me.  i’m making progress.


in the ‘working out’ portion, that is. 

the eating better, not so much.


and here’s the main problem: i’ve never met a french fry i didn’t like.  or a tater tot.  or a chicken nugget.  or a fried okra.  or a pickle-o.

hello, sweet potato fries. you look delish.


see, my problem is not a sweet tooth.  cake, cookies, ice cream, candy…meh.  doesn’t hold much allure for me.  but something salty and fried, preferably carbohydrates…sign me up!


this, in combination with the fact that i normally skip breakfast, chow down for lunch because i’m ravenously starving, and may or may not eat dinner (depends if KK or my family decide to feed me) is not helping my “operation bringing sexy back”.  it pretty much makes all of the working out i’m doing null.


it’s just so difficult!  it’s not that i don’t like veggies and fruits and things that are good for me.  i actually like them quite a bit.  if Cool Greens were right around the corner, i’d eat fancy salads every day.  but it’s not.  and my team likes to eat out.  even if i have brought something from home, the mere suggestion of something like Freddie’s Frozen Custard and the thought of french fries makes me chunk my homemade lunch back into the fridge to be forgotten.




i really need to get better about this.  i really need to get my ass to the grocery store and stock up on my own yummy-salad-makings.  i need to say “no thank you” to fried, yummy goodness and say “hello, nice to see you” to breakfast.  and healthy snacks.  and to dinner, even if i have to *gasp!!!* cook it myself.


baby steps, though…baby steps.  i’m going to try to slowly incorporate bringing my lunch to work.  like one meal the 1st week, 2 meals the 2nd week etc.  and i’ll drink a breakfast shake in the AM.  yes, this will work.  it must. 


i’ll miss you, french fries.  we’ve had a good run.  but frankly, my metabolism just isn’t that into you.



OH!  and Katie of Stella Shot Me took some A-MAZE-ING pics for the “face” of Project 2,010 Hugs.  i’m talking, my socks were rocked right off my feet.  and you can check ’em out on the new Project 2,010 Hugs tab i added.  see it?  it’s right there in the top right corner, next to “me me me”.  yeah, click on it.  aren’t the pics FANTASTIC?!?!?!


Author: merrycontrary

Greetings! I'm Meredith Black, an Oklahoma City based photographer. Any time I'm behind the camera lens, I'm a happy camper!


  1. PM’s is the place we went in Nashville!!

  2. Meredith, I recently watch a BBC Horizon about the body clock and here are some insightful things I learned, that I wish to pass onto you…
    Apparently you should consume the most calories of the day at breakfast, second at lunch, and dinner should be more like a snack. (psh, not in my house!)
    The best time of the day to work out is late afternoon / early evening. Mornings are the worst time of day to work out because your blood is thicker and you burn fewer calories.
    And my favorite, the perfect time of day to have a cocktail is around 7pm. I can handle that. I mean when it’s 4pm here, it’s 7pm somewhere, right?
    Ok, this blog just reminded me of the show I watched and I know how you love my random learnings.

    • that is very good info! thank you for sharing, i would have never known that working out in the AM is the worst…good thing i didn’t wake up early to work out like i was planning :) haha.
      you are so the queen of random knowledge & i like it!
      we need to plan a 7pm coctail here soon. i was sad to hear that i missed you last night.

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